Suspected shoplifter charged after targeting Margate Boots store for second time

Image Kent Police

A suspected shoplifter was arrested and charged in Margate after trying to raid the same shop for a second time.

On Friday 26 January, nine containers of CeraVe skincare products worth £164 were reported stolen from the High Street branch of Boots.

A suspect was identified following a review of CCTV and on the following Monday (29 January) the same woman returned to the store, prompting a security guard to broadcast her details via the ‘Shop Safe’ radio to Kent Police.

The High Street’s beat officer PC Stephen Hailey made his way towards the location and made an arrest.

Iuliana Lupu, 37, of Chalkpit Hill, Chatham, has since been charged with theft and bailed to appear at Medway Magistrates’ Court on Friday 1 March.


  1. no doubt some do gooder will make excuses for her and get her off with it, this country is full of them sadly

  2. As none of you seems to know much about this woman you may as well wait until you do and, in particular, not make generalizations about all Romanians.

      • But fortunately for her, she isn’t in Riyadh. i wonder if people like Doris can actually mean it when they write their comments, or are they just attention-seeking? (I also hope that I don’t know them in person.)

    • Her face is probably too well known in Medway so she has to travel further afield.

      She is obviously a prolific, professional shoplifter stealing multiple high value items for resale.

      I doubt that £18.00 pots of skin cream are available in Rwanda . . .

  3. Have a listen to Radio “you and yours” today started at 1230 , catch it on iplayer, the problem is rife across the country , add in our home grown junkies and alkies and you start to see where all the shoplifting stems from.

  4. So, from the comments above it seems Doris would like Thanet to be under Sharia law, whereby shoplifters will have a hand chopped off (no doubt monthly stonings for adultery would also prove popular). Real World blames do gooders, as he does for everything really. Presumably in this case those historic do gooders who changed the law so you couldn’t get hanged for stealing goods worth more than 12 pence, or transported to Australia for nicking a loaf of bread for your starving family, as the Bloody Code stated in the 18th century. Personally I think that as soon as we climbed down from the trees (well, most of us did, some folks seem to still be clinging on to the branches) and began making stuff, others climbed down from their trees and began nicking it. And as long as stuff has been around, people have been nicking it, despite the risk of public humiliation at best, branding, mutilation and death at worst. Even God, via Charlton Heston, in the Ten Commandments, telling us not to nick stuff, is ignored. Nowadays there’s even more stuff to nick, and shops make it easier and easier to nick, even putting self service machines in to aid the process, and laying off shop assistants to help cover the cost of the lost stock. And as long as there’s stuff to nick, it will keep on being nicked, whether it’s moisturiser, cheese, wine or champagne, shoplifted by a Romanian, a druggie, a middle class kleptomaniac, a celebrity chef, or a TV presenter. And as well as stuff, don’t forget there’s cash to nick too! If you have the right contacts you don’t even have to nick it, the government will just give you a big wedge of taxpayer’s cash in exchange for some useless PPE so you can buy a new yacht. £164 of skincare products? Pah.

  5. That last screed hurt my eyes so much I wanted to nick summat.

    Yes, kleptomania is the cheapest mode of acquisition.

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