Out of this world Space fun at Ramsgate Arts Primary

Aliens in class at Ramsgate Arts Primary

A crashed UFO led young adventurers at Ramsgate Arts Primary on a trail of discovery.

Reception group children who are exploring space as their themed topic were stunned when Deputy head of School Dan Holliday burst into their class and told them ‘something’ had landed in the outdoor play area.

They soon discovered a smoking pile of metal in the mud kitchen – and though the aliens had just left, they left behind a letter instructing the children to search through the crash site and look for magnetic items they had jettisoned from their craft.

Using magnets, the pieces were collected and left, as instructed, for the aliens to return to collect them on another visit to Earth.

It was all part of a special Space Day where the mysteries of the cosmos were enjoyed in a range of fun learning activities.

The pupils wore fantastic outfits they had created at home and these included astronauts, aliens, stars, planets, and even whole solar systems.

They decorated biscuits in galaxy swirls and star sprinkles, coloured in space rocket pictures, enjoyed astronaut dancing, space story reading and cloud dough making.

They have also made their own sun, explored moon sand, and created planet craters in a flour landscape.

Head of School Nick Budge praised the Early Years Foundation Studies team. He said: “They created a wonderful space adventure day to tie in perfectly with the themed topic.

“The Reception group were buzzing with excitement and they all looked fabulous in some very creative costumes and outfits.

“Creating special memories for our pupils throughout their time at RAPS is very important and this is certainly something our space adventurers will never forget.”

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  1. Lovely stuff. My son really enjoyed coming up with ideas for his out fit, enjoyed making it, and really loved the day (was excited for weeks). Great work by the staff- concept and delivery. Thanks.

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