Priory Infant children join the RSPB’s Big School’s Birdwatch

Priory children watching the birds in the nature area

Children and staff at Priory Infant school have taken part in the RSPB’s Big School’s Birdwatch.

Last Friday (January 26) each class visited the school’s nature area and counted how many birds landed in the garden. They also sat in the play area and counted how many birds they saw there.

Making bird feeders

The children enjoyed making bird feeders in class and at home. They used lard and seeds to make fat balls and some children use hooped cereal and threaded it onto pipe cleaners or string.

The youngsters learnt about the different birds they have around the school and what food they like to eat.

Zanaya with her bird feeder

Deputy head Mrs Rogers said: “The children were very excited about taking part in the birdwatch and many have drawn pictures and taken photographs of birds they have seen since Friday.”

The school is currently working towards the Green Flag award and increasing the diversity of birds in the school grounds is one of the aims.

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  1. Such a lovely little school. It’s been snubbed for a few years by the hipsters and DFLs in favour of RAPS so class sizes are way smaller than the average state school. It’s got the feel of a village school in the town centre as a result. My kids love it there!

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