Appeal for information over smashed door at Palm Bay Co-op

The glass door has been damaged

Police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward following a suspected attempt to break-in to the Co-op in Palm Bay.

Kent Police was called at around 6am today (January 30) after the glass front door of the shop in Summerfield Road was discovered to be damaged.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Officers attended and an investigation to establish the full circumstances is ongoing.

“Anyone with information that could assist officers with their enquiries is urged to contact Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/16199/24.”

People can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete their online form.

The store has now reopened.


  1. . The shop has no lights outside the front entrance and is always dark, criminals and low life’s like dimly lit shops as it’s less likely they will be seen by cameras or witnesses. Perhaps it’s time they invested in some outside lighting and better security cameras.

    I have used this shop numerous occasions and it’s amazing how many times you see young kids walking out with handfuls of goods without paying. It’s not just the young kids, I have witnessed numerous adults head towards the self serve tills only to walk past them and straight out the door. The coop should really invest in a security guard and also start putting the pictures up of the shoplifting scum on display, perhaps naming and shaming the scum might act as a deterrent.

    • There’s a good volunteering position for you.

      Or they might give you a 50% discount on items thereby bringing the cost of shopping to Waitrose levels.

        • Hi concerned. CCTV, about 40k. Lighting about 50k. security guards, upto 130k a year. That’s just to start.

          • Fantasy figures.

            No way does lighting cost that amount.

            £130k would be about 6 security guards. What local store has any more than one?

            Unless you’re talking lifetime cost?

          • I dread to think how many thousands that store loses in a year through shoplifting. It’s not sustainable to simply let the thieves get away with it. CCTV and lightings might cost money but in the long run it makes it safer for the staff and customers and also would save money eventually.

  2. Plenty of cctv cameras there, many just record peoples heads usually trash quality But po lice are often more obligated to deal with commercial than domestic incidents.
    F fs its just a damaged pane of (insured) glass, battered in the strongest structural area.Not say nothing but where did the glass attackers get their battering tools from ?
    They should return them and get a cash refund, tools not fit for purpose.
    Up the divi !

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