Road closure in Margate after ‘sinkhole’ appears

A curious cat examines the freshly appeared sinkhole Photo Frank Leppard

A section of St Peter’s Footpath/ Church Street in Margate has been cordoned off by police after a sinkhole appeared this afternoon (January 26).

Kent Police and Kent Highways are currently in attendance after the surface layer collapsed, also bringing down part of a wall.

It is understood the void is some 10 metres in width and possibly caused by a burst water main. At least one property has been evacuated.

Kent Highways say the road could be closed for up to three weeks “due to a void in carriageway between Poets Corner and the junction with Arnold Road.”

A diversion is in place via Poets Corner – Milton Avenue – Arnold Road.

Photo Frank Leppard

Officers at the scene closed the road and shoo-ed away a curious cat that had decided to investigate!

Voids can be caused by gaps in settlement, regular shrinking and swelling of clay and silt in soil, washout due to leaking water pipes or rainwater or even tunnelling animals.

Photo Frank Leppard

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 3.10pm  to reports of a sinkhole in Church Street, Margate. Officers attended the scene where they assisted Southern Water teams.”

UPDATE: Southern Water repairs taking place at Margate ‘sinkhole’ site


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