St Laurence children explore art at The Wooden Box Gallery in Ramsgate

Youngsters exploring the art at The Wooden Box Gallery

Children from Year 3 at St Laurence CE Junior Academy embarked on an exciting journey to The Wooden Box Gallery in Ramsgate last week. The gallery welcomed the enthusiastic students for an interactive and educational experience.

Rebekah, the talented artist behind the current exhibition, took the time to share her passion and insights with the youngsters. The students had the opportunity to talk with Rebekah, gaining valuable perspectives on her artistic process and the inspirations that drive her creative endeavours.

Rebekah’s exhibition at The Wooden Box Gallery showcases a diverse range of artistic expressions. The children listened intently as she shared the stories behind her pieces, offering a glimpse into the world of art and the power it holds to communicate emotions and ideas.

After the conversation, the Year 3 students took part in a hands-on activity designed to encourage self-reflection. The activity centred around four crucial questions: ‘What do I love?’, ‘What does the world need?’, ‘What am I good at?’, and ‘What can I get paid for?’

With creativity flowing, the children expressed their thoughts and feelings through the creation of personalised posters. Each student crafted a visual representation of their answers to the thought-provoking questions, allowing them to explore their interests, talents and aspirations.

Each child left The Wooden Box Gallery with their crafted poster and it’s hoped the experience will inspire future explorations of art and in their personal journeys of self-discovery.

The St Laurence CE Junior Academy Year 3 students and their teacher expressed their gratitude for the warm welcome and experience provided by Rebekah and The Wooden Box Gallery.


  1. As well as being “obsessed” with history, science, the local environment, maths, geography, sport and music? These are some of the subjects mentioned in recent articles about local education.

  2. Well Done Rebekah, both the gallery and the cafe are a boost to Ramsgate and Rebekah’s enthusiasm and down to Earth attitude are refreshing. As the curriculum (and teachers) get squeezed, it’s great that we have individuals and private enterprises providing community projects and educational experiences for our young people

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