Knife seized and teenage girl arrested in Minster by Neighbourhood Task Force officers

Image Kent Police

Police officers have seized a knife and made an arrest as part of work to tackle anti-social behaviour after concerns were raised by residents and businesses in Minster.

Officers from the district’s Neighbourhood Task Force, acting on the concerns about the behaviour of groups of teenagers believed to be travelling to Minster from outside the area, visited the village yesterday (January 23).

A group in Tothill Street who had been causing a disturbance were spoken to and a knife was seized following searches of some of those involved.

A 16-year-old girl was arrested on suspicion of possession of a knife and was later bailed pending further enquiries.

Three others were driven home and spoken to in the presence of their parents about the impact of their actions.

It is understood the youngsters were not Minster residents.

Inspector Jim Woodward, of Thanet Community Safety Unit, said: “Our officers are determined to tackle behaviour of this kind to protect businesses, their staff and the local residents who use them.

“I would urge any young person considering carrying a knife to think again. It can lead to you being arrested, charged or, worse still, suffering serious or fatal injuries.

“I also ask parents to speak to their children about where they are going and what they are doing, to help us tackle issues of this kind.”

Neighbourhood Policing Week of Action, a national week of activity to highlight the positive impact that neighbourhood policing has on communities throughout the year, runs from Monday 22 January.


    • And well done to the Police for taking the little buggers home and giving them a dressing down in front of their parents.

      Neighbours will have seen the police activity and that is what neighbourhood policing is all about.

  1. What amazing children this nation is raising now, delightful. Government cutting youth centres, youth projects money to social services and want to give you another penny in the pound back to us in tax cuts. Aren’t they wonderful, oh wait, if you cut taxes we can afford even less services, oh I know what they’ll do, raise taxes on other things to compensate and create more stealth taxes while all the time blaiming Russia, the Middle East and every other potential reason that gullible Tory supporters will follow. But they won’t blame themselves for the slow demise of society.

    • Steve, your deluded,, a nation doesn’t raise children, that’s the job of the parents and most certainly not the governments job. The blame is solely on the parents and no one else.

      Abysmal parenting is to blame for the feral kids that roam our streets and bring misery to the rest of us. Blaming the Tories for poor parenting is deluded at best. Lazy, self serving, me first parents, are having kids and then expecting everyone to raise them.

      Unfortunately anyone and everyone can have children regardless of if they are fit enough or responsible enough and as a result our streets are filled with vermin like feral children. People need to start looking a little closer to home.

      • Are you suggesting that couples should need a license before having children? If so, what would your criteria be to obtain said license? Actually it would be a good way of raising revenue, make them pay for it. Of course then only those wealthy enough would be able to have children, but hey why bother thinking things through before coming up with absurd ideas…

  2. Blame everyone except the parents!!!

    Same old Tory bashing!.

    The problem lies with bad parenting and kids who follow the bad kids to feel excepted in life.

    Give them youth centres and all the support you want, but they will abuse and destroy it because that’s how they’ve been raised!.

    The ones that I feel sorry for are the ones that want nice things, they want somewhere to go. Unfortunately the scumbag kids want to ruin everything.

    Only thing to chuck at the government’s is the fact you can’t disipline your kids these days.

    One swift clip round the ear or a boot up the jacksie!

  3. Parenting is one element only, do not forget the teens have less to do and do not get the discipline at school they should, because everyone needs to be wrapped in cotton wool. So to blame parenting alone is very lazy, Tory boy.

    • Steve, You seem to have forgot that its left wing social workers that have encouraged the stand off approach towards children and it was the last Labour government that started the whole ASBO keep them in the community farce and that its the left leaning majority in the Lords that has hampered and dampened down any Conservative policy of toughening up our justice system.

      The Tories might currently be in power but its the legacy of left leaning social justice policies that have turned some poorly parented kids into feral monsters who have no fear of our justice system, our police and have zero respect for anyone else other than themselves.

  4. It’s all down to the parents, what can the teachers do with their hands tied? You only have to look around the town to see young parents with children and you know how most of these children will turn out, feral thugs.

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