Investment of £35k to expand facilities at Just Fitness in Westwood Cross

Rob Hayes. general manager at Just Fitness by Bannatyne Broadstairs

Just Fitness by Bannatyne Broadstairs is undergoing a substantial investment to expand its facilities some six months after opening.

The club has invested £35,000 in state-of-the-art fitness gear for the 20,000 sq. ft. gym floor. The new equipment includes Hack Squats, High Row, Shoulder Press, Decline Press, Seated Calf, Standing Calf, additional Dual Adjustable Pulleys, Deadlift Shrug, Ab Crunch and Glute Bench.

There will also be an increase in bumper plates, dumbbells, and racks to accommodate the growing needs of the members.

Just Fitness is also extending its opening hours. The club will now open at 5:30am from Monday to Friday and at 7:30am at weekends.

The club also offers two fitness studios with range of group exercise classes, included in the membership. The specialised group cycle studio features Les Mills RPM, THE TRIP, and Sprint on Demand.

The venue opened last summer at the former DW Fitness site in Westwood Cross.

Duncan Bannatyne, chairman and chief executive of the Bannatyne Group, said: “Our commitment at Just Fitness is to provide the best facilities and services to our members. The new equipment and extended hours, along with our partnership with Les Mills, underscore our dedication to enhancing the fitness experience and responding to the valuable feedback of our members.”

The Bannatyne Group operates 69 clubs, 46 spas and three hotels. It is owned by Duncan Bannatyne OBE, who is also known for his appearances on the BBC programme Dragons’ Den.


  1. I much prefer the outdoor environment for my natural exercise, walking and fresh air. Added bonus, I don’t incur any monetary expenses and line someones pocket in the process.

    • Exactly. What is even more sickening are those who drive to and from a gym – at least walk, cycle or get thee bus!

    • Go out and do it then instead of positing miserable comments then about positive news. People like the gym and it’s good for them. End of

      • My comment, just like yours, is neither miserable and was a simple comment.

        There are people like yourself perhaps that would prefer to disrespect opinions other than their own. Very sad, but I guess a reflection on today’s society.

        Move on nothing further to see here.

        • Why have you got a negative opinion on people doing something that improves their health and mental well being and a company that is investing in the area?

  2. Duncan Bannatyne, chairman and chief executive of the Bannatyne Group, said it’s absolute rubbish. Ah canae believe you have come in here asking me for a comment & pitching your idea for an inflatable Cricket bat.

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