Two Thanet men jailed for Margate street robberies

JAILED: Kieran Martin and Luke Tudor

Two men who carried out street robberies in Margate have been jailed for a total of more than 10 years.

Kieran Martin and Luke Tudor robbed a taxi driver and two men carrying their shopping in the town in March 2022.

Following an investigation by Margate detectives, they were both charged with and later admitted robbery and other offences.

At Canterbury Crown Court on 17 January, Martin, 30, of no fixed address, was jailed for seven and a half years and Tudor, age 36, of Thanet Road, Margate, was handed a sentence of two years and nine months.

Martin and Tudor approached two men carrying their shopping in Addington Road on 17 March 2022 and demanded the men hand over alcohol from their bags. When the men refused, they were shoved and the bottles were stolen from them. Tudor and Martin then left the scene.

Later on the same day, the pair approached an off-duty taxi driver and demanded he give them a lift. He told them he was not working but they got in the car anyway and the driver took them to a pharmacy.

When they arrived, all three men got out of the car and the driver was assaulted. He ran into the pharmacy to get away, before Martin and Tudor damaged his car and a took a pencil case in which he kept his fares.

Kent Police’s investigating officer, DC Matthew Burridge, said: “These two men put victims in fear of violence in order to steal from them and damaged a car which was its owner’s livelihood.

“I am pleased our investigation has led to them being removed from the streets of Margate, and I hope the sentences imposed give their victims a sense that justice has been done.”


  1. Just looked up this Tudor bloke online.

    A well known local drug addict and benefit cheat, often seen collecting his drugs accompanied with children. Described as a character from Oliver Twist (Fagin), walking the streets, teaching the kids what to do.

    Also still awaiting further sentencing for yet more offences (assault, theft ect). Look him up, it’s all online.

    • Certainly a far more detailed story elsewhere, the pair of them deserve 10 years plus each , and the kids would be better off taken into care. Really would be no loss to the planet if they were swallowed up , how long before they are released and back to their old ways.

  2. I hope the judge is mugged one day then he will realise how pathetic his sentences of these two jobs is. I was mugged in a lift by 3 men with one pulling out a knife. I knocked out the one with the knife and bashed up the other two, when the police arrived they initially accuse me of assault. It’s took me over 2 years to stop having flashbacks and made me highly suspicious of anyone and I avoid using lifts as much as I can.

  3. Bill, I would imagine that those who tried to mug you in a lift forgot the do or die syndrome where the fact you were trapped made you react much more aggressively than the muggers expected ironically when you responded they ( muggers) were also trapped. Well done.

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