Teenager assaulted and robbed in Margate by gang of eight people

The incident happened by Dane Park

Police are appealing for witnesses or people with CCTV footage to help a robbery investigation after a teenager was assaulted and robbed in Margate by a group of eight people.

Shortly after 8pm on Monday 8 January, the teenage boy was approached by the group near the Park Crescent entrance to Dane Park.

He was reportedly assaulted before the group stole his bag and phone and left the area.

One of the group is described as a white, teenage male, around 5ft, 11ins tall and was wearing a grey puffer-style jacket and blue Nike jogging bottoms.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing and detectives are urging anyone who saw what happened and has yet to speak to officers to get in touch.

Anyone with information or dashcam or CCTV footage which may assist should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting reference 46/4635/24.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete their online form.


    • Maybe they are the seven vertically challenged people & the other one was Snowy White Powder.

  1. well said ms pink , they need to forget about this arts and culture crap and sort the real problems out on our streets

  2. Sorry, “one of the group is described as white”???
    No description of the other’s involved??
    Wow, just wow!!!!

  3. Not even mentioning the skin colour of the rest of the group because it goes without saying they were not white??? Thats a bit racist, the exact opposite of what you were desperately trying not to appear as!!!

  4. Maybe that was the only assailant who the victim could describe clearly in terms of height & clothing. That would explain why this particular thug who may have been the main assailant gets a mention. None of the other assailants’ height or clothing is described and without such detail the colour of their skin might not be too helpful.

    • Yep, hard to believe in 93 percent white Thanet, that there would be one white & seven non-whites.

  5. Dane Park again! I think you will find its a semi regular hang out for this lot. Why are people asking what colour the others are? Theres one description & thats it.

    • People are asking about the colour of the other assailants because the news and our police forces now censor themselves with regards to criminals and the colour of their skin.
      If an offender is white his skin colour is always mentioned along with his clothing whereas if an offender has any other skin colour or nationality the description usually only mentions their clothing. Its political correctness gone mad and now whenever the papers or police give a description of an assailant’s clothes and nothing else the majority now believe automatically that the offender is non white, even though that might be incorrect.
      It’s a kind of reverse racism, you can now accuse a white person of a crime but no one else. It’s not just this article it’s virtually all news outlets following the same misguided approach to political correctness.

      • Nothing to do with political correctness. That was the description received. As I wasn’t present at the robbery the only way to describe the others would be to make it up which I’m obviously not going to do.

        • Kathy, In the majority of appeals for witnesses in most cases the descriptions of the suspects do seem to only offer descriptions of white suspects, this seems to be happening locally and nationally. This might not necessarily be the true in this case and all the offenders could potentially be white males.
          It is becoming increasingly rare for the police and news outlets to implicate or give descriptions of suspects unless they are white. This isn’t paranoia, news outlets and the police do seem to be afraid of implicating Minority groups. This might be for fear of being called racist or stirring up racial hatred but in reality it has the opposite effect. If someone is a suspect their skin colour shouldn’t offer them any protection from being caught and prosecuted.
          All you seem to hear about now when suspects are being sought is a description of someone’s hooded top when in reality most of us wear the same clothes so the description offers nothing and only hinders the chance of the attackers/criminls ever being caught whereas a true description that doesn’t ignore the colour of their skin or nationality obviously increases the chance of the offenders being caught and punished by our legal system.

  6. Serious incident in Margate again, seriously. Come on TDC pressure the MPs on police resources and deal with the antisocial element, have a coherent plan for policing thanet effectively.

    • Some years back I stood helplessly watching a bloke getting beaten up by 2 men in London while my other half & son ran to direct police and ambulance to exact spot. (Safe-ish situation for me as, incredibly, there were families calmly picnicking all around). When police asked for description of assailants I could describe one a little bit, the other not so much. And the men in my life could not remember a single detail of hair colour etc. apart from the fact they were white.

  7. hope the young person is OK and the assailants are caught all of them regardless of skim colour or age and totally agree no more arts places more for the young kids to play that’s gonna be free or cheap

  8. So, according to Ms Pink, if we had less “art” in Margate we’d have fewer violent assaults? Can someone explain the logic behind that conclusion please? More of something else (unspecified)? What?

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