‘Good as Gold’ behaviour project at Newington primary school

Youngsters could earn a golden ticket

A new system to celebrate good behaviour is a big hit since it was launched at the start of term at Newington Community Primary in Ramsgate

The initiative that has impressed children and families works like a ladder, with pupils moving up the chart steps for working hard, being polite and courteous, and showing kindness.

If the children have an exceptional day, they will reach gold and take home a golden ticket to their families. They also get a gold star with their name on to display in the main corridor so that the school community can see their success and praise their achievements.

And if they should move downwards they have an opportunity to immediately work back up into the green zone and enjoy a positive day as they climb their way back up the ladder.

Pupils are keen to share their success, and the positivity and enthusiasm around the ladder project is infectious.

Assistant Head Teacher for safeguarding and behaviour Robyn Harrison said: “The children are so keen to tell us what colour their name is on. They share each other’s successes and are also able to tell adults what they achieved to move up the ladder.”

Head Teacher Hannah Tudor is delighted with the initiative. She explained: “We have been looking at behaviour for a while and have spoken to children and parents about the systems in school.

“We felt that there was not enough being done to reward the children who consistently met our expectations, tried their best and behaved brilliantly. We wanted to really celebrate these children and make sure that adults at home were well informed.

“We chose January to launch to tie in with the New Year and our push for New Year’s resolutions. We introduced the idea to the children in a whole school assembly and they could not have been more enthusiastic.

“This behaviour system encourages all staff who work with the children to look for good behaviour and reward it.

“The launch could not have gone better and it is well under way now, working effectively. We also have to thank all of our parents who have been so positive about the system. They have praised their children as well and celebrated golden tickets at home – it would not have been as positive without their support.”


  1. Hmmm . . .

    When I was at school, good behaviour was expected as the norm and bad behaviour was punished.

    Where has it all gone so badly wrong ?

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