Northdown pupils learn about Ancient Egypt during British Museum trip

A visit to the British Museum for Northdown youngsters

Year 3 pupils from Northdown Primary School, Margate, headed up to London last week to visit the British Museum as part of their studies on Ancient Egypt.

Exploring the Egyptian artefacts, they learnt all about the Rosetta Stone and how it was the key to understanding hieroglyphics, which they had used the week before to write their names.

The tombs of the Egyptian gods and goddesses were a particular highlight and the youngsters were amazed at how they had lasted so many years even if some were a bit chipped.

After lunch, the pupils joined a mummification workshop to put their previous knowledge to the test. They learnt how Egyptians believed that the sun was born and died each day and all about the process of making a mummy including the advancement of x-ray techniques to see inside a sarcophagus and uncover the secrets inside.

Daniel Barrett, Year 3 teacher, explained the purpose behind the trip: “It was an excellent opportunity to see some of the real artefacts from Ancient Egypt that related back to our topic this term.

“The pupils enjoyed seeing them up close and in person. It inspired curiosity in our children which is one of our school values.”

Sammy, age 7, particularly enjoyed the Egyptian puns the teachers entertained the children with on the way round!