Ramsgate teenager warns pet owners to be careful after family cat is victim of ‘sick’ attack

Family cat Stitch following his ordeal

A family in Ramsgate is urging people to be vigilant after their young cat was ‘hit, burned and smothered with spray paint.’

Jordan Mitchell, 18, her five siblings and mum Danielle, who live in the Whitehall area of Ramsgate, say they are now considering keeping their cats indoors following the attack.

Stitch, who is almost two years old, was let out at 3am today (January 15) but didn’t come straight back as he normally would.

Jordan said: “At around 7am-8am he was at the window really crying. He had bright orange all over his face and could barely keep his eyes open.

“We got him in and washed it off, it was spray paint, and saw that his whiskers had also been cut.”

Stitch had also had his fur cut,  been burned on his testicles and a visit to the PDSA vet revealed trauma to his face and the back of his head, indicating he had been hit.

Stitch is now recovering

Jordan said: “He is still very off balance with concussion and is quite shaky so struggling to walk around. He is from a bonded pair with his brother Lilo. We have nine cats altogether and really love our cats. Half of them were indoor cats but now they are all going to have to be fully indoors.

“There was another grey cat hit by a car last night in Whitehall too so it is safer to keep them inside.

“This could have happened to other people and they might not have realised it wasn’t a one-off. There could be someone going around doing this to other cats.”

Branding the person responsible as a ‘sick monster,’ Jordan says police have been informed of the incident. The attack is thought to have taken place around the Pullman Close area.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police is carrying out enquiries into a report that a cat sustained injuries, suspected to have been deliberately inflicted, in the Pullman Close area of Ramsgate between 3am and 7am on Monday 15 January 2024.

“Anyone with information should call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/8199/24.”


  1. Wishing this little guy a speedy recovery and I hope that somebody out there knows who these asshats are that did it to him!

    Unfortunately, the outside world is simply too dangerous for cats to be let out alone.

    Foxes & other wild animals are known to attack cats, other cats will also attack those who stray into their territory.
    The danger from cars – cats will dart out soo quickly, not giving the driver a chance to avoid impact.
    And of course all those sick & twisted people that seize their opportunity when a friendly cat approaches them.

    Any responsible pet owner will keep their cat indoors for their own welfare.
    Ours only go out in our garden, when we are there to supervise them, like this they get their fix and we know they are safe.

    Another possibility is to harness train them. One of ours is a Bengal-Tabby mix and is now trained soo well that she stops and stretches her body when she sees us taking her harness out of its drawer. We go all over together, for walks in the forest, trips to the local shops and when the weather is nice, for a drink on a sunny terrace!

    • How is that going to protect the cat or cats from the wild animals that roam our streets with nothing better to do than harm innocent animals, its sick there is no excuse for it!

  2. There are Put!ns everywhere.
    Unfortunately we have no longer the means to investigate crime. Our tax money is being spent on people leaving France, probably a terribly dangerous country.
    Costly commissions and investigations are only carried out when left fights right or right fights left for electoral profit. Not if you and your pets are traumatised by a vicious @hole. I do hope he, she or it reads it (if they can read that is) and eventually get caught up by their chosen way of life…
    (Before replying: I sheltered a Kurdish interpreter and helped settle an Afghan helicopter pilot after they fled.)

  3. Dear Anon,
    Your comments are really helpful and make this forum so much more enjoyable.
    Now I suddenly realise that I’m a fascist.
    Last week I was a Zionist.
    Your PhD in psychology is well invested money.

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