End of an era as closing down party for Earl St Vincent pub is announced

HAPPIER TIMES: Landlady Kirsty (left), dad Sticky (right) and friends Yasmin White, and Ria Bygrave

A closing down party will be held at the Earl St Vincent pub in Ramsgate next weekend, marking the end of an era.

The King Street pub has been run by Kirsty Bailey for the last 20 months following the death of her dad Derek – best known as Sticky – in August 2022. Sticky had been landlord of the pub and had lived at the premises for some 15 years.

Sticky was the life and soul of the Earl St Vincent

Sticky was known as the “life and soul” of the pub. Following his passing Kirsty, staff and regulars raised funds for the Pancreatic Cancer charity.

Kirsty said: “I had an opportunity to run the Earl St Vincent pub for the last 20 months. “I’ve had so many ups and so many down, but now it’s time for me to close the doors.

“As a team we have all made this hard decision, the hardest decision was leaving the pub’s and dad’s memories. I have done what my dad wished and I believe I have done him proud.

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“I would like to thank the staff and all our loyal customers that have been there though good and bad times. I would also would like to thank Ria Lennie-lee Bygrave who has been the most amazing support though everything and say good luck in the future wherever life takes you.

“There will be a closing down party on January 20, all day. Let’s make it a good one.”

The Earl St Vincent has a licensee list dating back to the 1828.


  1. 60 years ago, as a schoolboy I attended a 14 day day course at the Royal Marines training facility at Lympstone in Devon. Our C.O. was the then current Earl St. Vincent, a Marines Major, he`d come through the ranks as he couldn`t apply for a Commission due to lack from GCE “O”levels. A QMS told me there had been an Admiral/Earl St. Vincent in the Royal Navy since Trafalgar. The then current Earl, drove his Bentley over the farmtracks on Dartmoor, at night, to supervise(look-after) us schoolboys on an exercise. We had to walk/hike…Every time I`ve driven passed the pub, I remember the Earl St. Vincent I met all those years ago.

  2. Unfortunately yet another sign of the times.

    ”Boozers” such as this were once the bastion of the working man after a day’s toil.

    It is now too late to mourn its closure as it was clearly not supported by those who live and work in the vicinity.

      • Yes – I am sure the cost of a pint has increased disproportionately to the working man’s weekly wage.

        However, I am aware that my great grandfather was a grave digger with his own mug and chair in the Hollicondane Tavern where he stopped off everyday on his way home after hours of wielding a pickaxe and shovel.

  3. The landlady has apparently said that she doesn’t want to go into the reason(s) she has taken the decision to close the pub

  4. I understand that 2 famous actors, Hattie Jaques and Kenneth Williams, used to conduct their love affair in an upstairs bedroom there. That must have been over 50 years ago. But can you imagine the couple? Laurel and Hardy!

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