“Myth-busting” Palestine meeting to be held in Margate

Naomi Wimborne Idrissi, co-founder of campaigning group, Jewish Voice for Labour

A meeting discussing the situation in Palestine will be held on Saturday in Margate.

A panel of speakers will lead the discussion, including Naomi Wimborne Idrissi, co-founder of the Jewish Voice For Labour, and  journalist Ahmed Alnaouq, founder of the youth-led Palestinian nonprofit project in the Gaza Strip.

Other speakers will include Shahd Hammouri,  lecturer in law at the University of Kent, and Palestinian human rights activist, Samir Eskanda.

The organisers of the meeting, Voices for Palestine, say their aim is to “bust through the myths”  spun by media and politicians.

Amber Trentham, one of the organisers, said: “Our panellists will share their insights and their experience relating to the past, present and future of Palestine. The intention is to educate and lionise our community. We want to weaponise people with the truth – and the confidence that the truth fosters.”

“Voices for Palestine” will take place on Saturday 6 January at 5pm in the Cliftonville Community Centre, admission free.

Naomi Wimborne Idrissi was expelled from the Labour Party in 2022 after speaking at an event held by now-proscribed group Resist.


  1. In my apinion this is propaganda and should not be aloud to go ahead ,as a country we should keep our nose out ,this has been coming for many years, so let both sides get on with it and sort it once and for all .

    • This meeting does not bode well.

      The organiser is quoted as saying the purpose of the meeting is to ”lionise” and ”weaponise”.

      The use of such words conveys an intention to invoke further fighting or conflict.

        • ”The intention is to educate and lionise our community. We want to weaponise people..” this is a direct quote from one of the organizers in the article we’re commenting on

      • The use of those words does NOT convey any intention to fight. It’s no different from using expressions like “armed with the truth”

  2. That woman has been expelled from the Labour Party since 2022. This has nothing to do with Labour or truth, expect nothing but trouble causing virtue signalling shouted into their hollow echo chamber.

    • If I were still a paid-up member of the Labour party then I’d be deeply ashamed at the way the party has treated “that woman”. She was an elected member of the NEC and they waited until her 70th birthday before publicly blocking her entry to a conference event. That was no coincidence; it was a vicious, calculated stunt by a team of despicable, ruthless enforcers that have destroyed the party from within. Her expulsion was a high profile one designed to make Jewish socialists feel unsafe and unwelcome in the new nasty party.

        • Keeping your options open, I see.

          You now have the choice between Blue, Red and Yellow Tory.

          You’re in a lucky position if you dislike social justice, human rights, etc.

      • Thanks to Keir Starmer the Labour Party is now electable again, you probably missed that on the news, by-election after by-election wins and the very important expulsion of thugs and trouble causers that romance 70’s socialist rhetoric. Enjoy your echo chamber tonight and right up to the general election when the electorate will decide the future of the party and not expelled bullies.

        • The idea that “Sir” Keir Starmer is the electorate’s first choice is pure fantasy.

          The only reason he acquired the leadership role was that he lied through his teeth about protecting a manifesto that benefited the vast majority of the country. And the only reason he has survived in the role is that he is MI5’s preferred candidate, with Rupert Murdoch’s blessing.

          He has been sucking up to monarchists by smothering himself in the Union Jack and sucking up to Tory voters by idolising Thatcher, he keeps dressing up as Action Man to woo the military and as Bob the Builder to pretend he supports construction workers. But as soon as people hear him speak they realise he’s a fake. If he manages to stumble into number ten later this year then it certainly won’t be on merit or due to public appeal, it will be because his role models in the Blue Tory party have imploded and left the door wide open.

          • I think you’ve forgotten how democracy works, when you win its because more people chose to vote for a particular parties candidate, you know, the way they didn’t in 2019. Sir Keir is the real thing, a working man from a working family that has risen to the top of his profession, Corbyn was always the fake and he got found out. To turn around that existential crisis for the Labour Party deserves credit so when he moves to Downing Street later this year to fix our broken country you will know it’s because the electorate chose the only party capable of the job. By the way, how was last nights echo chamber…..echo-y?

          • Exactly Ian! The only reason Starmer may win the next General Election is because he isn’t Sunak! This country is not a democracy, its a demockary! Since the war more people have voted against every government than for it!

        • It’s strange that so many people have a hang-up with the 1970s. Is it because only a minority of households had dishwashers and colour TVs in those days? The UK was still a civilised country in the 1970s, the government was still encouraging construction of council housing and Thatcherism wasn’t even an expletive. Since then, we’ve seen obscene inequalities, an erosion of all the post-war social improvements and mindless privatisation. If people really understood the 1970s then a return to the 1970s would be the vote winner of the century.

          • I LOVED the ’70s! ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Ma’am’, lunchtime strippers in pubs, gratuitious nudity in ‘The Sweeney’, faggots & mash, smoking in pubs, the sweet trolley in restaurants, Rolf Harris at No. 1. Wonderful times!

  3. Well said!!

    If these “do gooders” want to be heard, then go over to Israel and preach to them.

    We have enough problems of our own to worry about!

  4. I like the sound of “keeping our nose out” of the Gaza war. Unfortunately, both our major political Parties are deeply involved in supporting Israel. Military supplies, economic trade, diplomatic help such as voting against a ceasefire. All on Israels side.
    So, if we genuinely want to “keep out” of the war there, we will need a major effort to completely change the policies of successive UK governments and to isolate Israel from military or economic assistance from this country.

  5. This is not going to turn out well. Unfortunately Britain had its dabs all over Palestine in the form of Sykes~Picot, the Balfour declaration, the League of Nations mandate and post war support of Israel which has put us in a very difficult position.
    This is not time for anti semitism and Islamaphobia or any other malarkey from anyone.
    I would like to see every one remain silent and for the country to counsel restraint and a two state solution with a long period of reconciliation

        • No,if you read what I have said instead of jumping to a false conclusion you will see that I think a meeting where things might be said that oughtn’t to be said is both unwise and unhelpful.
          As for ISTN publicising a meeting on immigration,I am sure they would as long as that doesn’t descend into racism.

  6. Seems to me the only way of testing what the meeting will say and do is to attend.
    As for Israel, whatever you think of their place in the area once known as the Palestinian Administrative Mandate, they have waged war on a civilian population of 2.5 million people in Gaza, killing nearly 30,000, most of these being women and children. Less well known are the 100+ civilians killed in the West Bank by coppers, soldiers and armed militias who are progressively clearing villages and farms of the inhabitants and placing settlers in their place – we’d call that murder and armed robbery over here but Israel calls that “self defence”!
    Is it relevant that our Rishi Sunak’s family has big interests in BP and that oil and gas fields are awaiting development off the Gazan coast?
    Britain’s role in creating this bloody mess is well documented, even if people want to ignore this.

    • Confirm your prejudice by attending this meeting. Having a Jewish chair, expelled from the Labour Party for supporting anti-Semitic groups is hardly objective balance is it? As for your take on Geo Politics well that is also hardly informed, objective or considerate of the facts. The World’s role in Middle East conflicts is well documented, though few will dare to read a word of it, instead they’ll attend stupid meetings and have their opinions furnished by radicals. Now, why not read a little about the creation of Human Shields, Hamas, so called Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon and then we can talk about ceasefires….

    • And let’s not forget all the journalists murdered by Israel in such a short time period…

      Vietnam War: 63 journalists in 20 years.
      World War II: 67 journalists in 7 years.
      Gaza: 90 journalists in nearly 2 months.

      No doubt there are people in this thread who view this merely as a means of muting an “echo chamber”

          • Because it doesn’t even mention the shocking mass-kidnap, rape and murder that kick-started this action.

          • So it’s not antisemitic, it’s just not stating the wrongs that you select.
            The situation in Palestine/Israel is very simple really.
            It’s about armed robbery, theft, clearances, ethnic cleansing and murder. It began, in earnest, in the 19th century with zionist philanthropic projects. These soon became weaponised as jewish settlers occupied land formerly worked on/lived in by local arabs (in practice these were serfs). The step change was 1948, whatever one chooses to believe the result was the, mainly European, settlers, creating 700,000 arab refugees (we now call these Palestinians) and occupying the “vacant” properties.
            Since then, whatever you choose to believe, the Israeli State has used social, legal and physical violence to expand its land base and hold on power.
            Of course some Palestinians chose to counter force with force, and still do, why wouldn’t they? Who wouldn’t be angry enough to want to fight back? Some people accept it’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees and this is what’s going on.
            It’s not jew against muslim, religion is irrelevant to this mess. The only place it has is to be used by some to.justify their violence. There are many, many people of jewish origins who abhor zionism.

          • It’s anti-semitic if it only points out the wrong doings of one side. A bit like the nazis… blaming everything on the jews.

  7. Interesting.
    I’ve got the 40 minute video of what happened on 7/10 that was showed to the World’s Press. It is very unpleasant viewing. Unlike the Hamas Amateur Dramatic Society set piece takes we’ve all seen distributed by the Iran-backed terror organisation that is Hamas.
    I am disgusted that such a meeting will be held in Thanet. It’s the 21st century equivalent of inviting the then Bernadette Devlin to speak on behalf of the I.R.A. Shame on you!

  8. Would this “newspaper” have given publicity to (say) an anti-immigration meeting/march? I suspect not.

    • I’m surprised they’ve not deleted your comment yet.

      They seem to like silencing peoples opinions on immigration or travelling people!

  9. Hamas is a terrorist organisation for killing 1200 or so Israeli’s and taking perhaps 250 hostages. Israel has several hundred Palestinian hostages, taken prisoner BEFOR the Hamas attack. They are systematically raising Gaza to the ground, turning off the water, electricity, and starving the people, children and babies! There isn’t even enough water to flush toilets, and people are living in makeshift tents! Over 8,000 children and babies have been killed by the Israeli Defence Force, how many of them were members of Hamas? If Hamas is a terrorist organisation, then by the same measure Israel is a terrorist state. Medical Aid for Palestinians accepts donations over the phone on: 020 7226 4114.

    • Not forgetting what went on before in Gaza and West bank.What did Hamas think Israel would do for the attacks ,sit back and say on well, that’s life . Israel’s response over the top maybe ,but the current situation since October ,is of Hamas making

  10. What’s the point of them holding this meeting their words will fall on deaf ears. October 7th was the match that lit the gunpowder.

      • Esme,if you are referring to my bit ,only an idiot does not know what happened before October ,I am not going into that because ,everyone,knows ,just stating ,what did Hamas think was going to happen

  11. So,a well balanced panel,then.I can imagine the response,if any pro Israeli sympathisers attend,and dare speak out.

  12. Israel certainly is a terrorist state and they have committed genocide, and killed 1000’s of innocent women, children and men. Is such a shame our western countries and leaders are in bed with Benjamin Netanyahu and his murder of innocent people. Is time this country of bullies and it’s leader where put in there place.

  13. This action by Israel is a type of Genocide but then Hamas is a terrorist group that have been attacking Israel for decades. The UN should have stepped in long ago with action to bring peace.
    I feel that this short notice meeting at Cliftonville Community Centre is the wrong way to go about educating the people here in Margate. It does not forebode well on the work of the Community Centre and can just inflame the situation if pro- Israelis attend. It is not something we need here.

  14. Two faith based groups ,whose faith guides just about all they do, both believe the land is theirs, no doubt both side have a good percentage of moderates who’d quite happily live alongside each other, but the extremists with in each and their interpretations of what their respective faiths demand keep the whole thing rolling along, the moderates don’t say anything as faith is more important. In addition each of the faiths believes that anyone not of their faith is inferior and so the lines of humanity get very blurred.
    Meanwhile those on the sidelines unburdened by faith ,to the same degree, opine as to what should happen oblivious to the idea that those fighting each other have a totally different mindset and outlook.
    The best the rest of the world can do is let them fight it out whilst attempting to contain the conflict to a small region and not let the effects spread to far.
    Of course you have to bring into the debate the support offered by other states to each party , but in the final analysis from their respective viewpoints is the US or Iran any better or worse thannthe other?

    Our politics is the equivalent of some people’s religions, you’ve only to look at the wests intervention in libya to see that much as we disliked the Ghadffi regime , it can hardly be said tha libya is a better country without him. The arab mindset means that the fighting their will continue until a strong overiding authority with enough power and influence to exert power ( all be it brutal by our standards) sufficiently to bring a semblance of order.
    It’s pointless opining on things that we don’t and never will understand.

    • Your almost correct Prosthetic Conscious, but can I add all religions are based on coercive and controlling behaviour. Without going into detail, most Muslim states are ungovernable except by using religion, even Turkey which can’t join the EU because it doesn’t comply with the norms for democracy, and a free press!

      • Religion was the first way of gaining control over populations without the use of overt violence, convince people that they’ll have a good afterlife by doing what they’re told in real life and hey presto you’ve won. This has of course been usurped in modern democracies by the ability to tax those that have done well to pay people (that haven’t or can’t be bothered to try) to behave themselves.
        History has pretty well shown that people can be controlled by these 3 things, violence, money and religion, money being the most successful and easily manipulated.
        The “moral” west believes it can impose its view of what’s correct in religiously orientated states by initially using violence and then paying to create an illusion of modern democracy, it’s difficult to find a lasting example of where this has worked and fortunately we’ve run out of sufficient funds to keep making the same mistake.
        I’ve worked in many countries and seen how they’ve operated, the ones that stood out to me as the ones that had got it right were Libya ( amazing place totally different to what i’d have expected, now trashed) Oman ( still very pro UK) and Singapore ( unlike the other two religion has little overt presence rather the firm fair hand of the state is pretty much respected by all).

        • Your right again Prosthetic Conscience, think Trump a man without any moral boundaries, a liar, a charlatan, an adulterer, a sexual molester, a convicted criminal yet the extreme right wing evangelists love him, why? This has been puzzling me for a very long time, and the only reason I can come up with is Trump will almost certainly start the 3rd World War by pulling the US out of NATO, giving Putin the excuse to invade Poland, the Baltic states, and he won’t stop until he gets to Berlin! This will make all those happy clappers very happy because they will get to heaven earlier than expected!

  15. I’m going to this to see what is said rather than assumptions and accusations.
    I’d welcome any supporter of Israel to also come so long as they listened as well as talked and didn’t resort to hostility and threats. I’d expect the same behaviour from supporters of Palestinians and anti-zionists.
    IoTN isn’t really the place for a proper chat but I’m glad it continues to remain objective and dispassionate.

  16. It will be in the news next week for all the obvious reasons. It’s like trying to mix oil with water with these two.

    • What do you mean about bias? Is it biased to object to the violent displacement of 2 million civilians, nearly half of whom are children? To the murder of the medical and UN staff who are in Gaza? To the hundreds if not thousands of children whose limbs are being amputated, many without anaesthetic?

  17. So sad that we have to witness the barbaric behaviour, in Palestine.

    Shocking, that Hamas attack on Israeli citizens and as bad the indiscriminate killing of civilians by Israel. Israel having killed many thousands of children and women.

    Perhaps the worst of this is the silence of western leaders and the support of the US and UK of Israel.

    Supporters of Israel, accuse critics of being anti Semitic rather than decent honest people, who are disturbed by indiscriminate murder of young children and other war crimes.

    Valuing the life of innocent victims does not make anyone a racist.

    The majority of the population of Gaza are now homeless.

  18. A wonderful opportunity to learn directly from those most knowledgeable about the history and background to the current horror in Gaza. To ask questions and discuss.

  19. I see that it’s all kicking off in London yet again, with the pro-Palestine mob causing trouble. The pro-Jewish march a few weeks back was a solemn and dignified affair, that passed off without incident.

  20. So, How many of you attended the meeting last night? I did and I can tell you that it was a dignified, calm but challenging affair. The PSC organisers were open and facilitative, allowing questions from the floor which were all positive, mainly about what we can do in Thanet to help get a ceasefire in the first instance. Then there was a discussion about what Palestinians want us to do to make progress to eventual peace and secutiry for all in Palestine/Israel. The “challenging” offering was by a Palestinian journalist who was meeting his Gazan partner in Turkey on October 5th. They met and then were phoned by family on October 7th about the Hammas attack and then Israel’s response. In short the family (Mother, Father, Siblings, nephews and neices) all moved into the family home in southern Gaza (an area stated as safe by the IDF). Days after this another phone call, bar two people the entire family had been killed by Israeli bombing, twenty of them!
    For the people reading this on IoTN I would offer this, if you expect to get an objective view of the current situation and its causes from the British media you won’t. If you beleive this war is a case of competing/waring religions, it’s not. If you think shining a light on the crimes of the Israeli State is antisemetic or one sided you’ve bought into myths created by that State and its allies.
    As @Pirate Jenny said, this is a land-grab with violence. During the 19th Century and up to WW1 the Ottoman Empire oversaw jews outside the region buying up lands from absentee (arab) landlords with the evictions of the land workers (arab serfs) who moved to other areas, counties or cities within Palestine. Britain and France created the basis for this utter mess in the closing years of WW1 and soon after by their arbritary carving up of the lands into “countries” and borders. Britains rule over the Palestine Mandate consolidated and heightened conflict between indiginous arabs and settler jews. Using the Eurocentric jewish settlers to support its Imperial aims in the region. This was fairly significant during WW2 with jewish settler industry and construction. Things began to unravel for Britain when it could no longer manage the political and social demands of both arab and settler jews. Settler jews from many parts of the world campaigned against British rule and its embargo on more settlers. This led to the terrorist actions by these settler jews against the British and local arabs. The UN set the scene for the 1948 war by agreeing to an Israeli State within the pre-exisitng arab states of Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt.
    The WW2 Victors all waded in, recognising the Israeli State and arming it (Britain happy to rid itself of the troubles and the terror campaign being waged by Hagganah, Irgun and Lehi (all consolidated into the new IDF), Russia (one of the first to recognise the new State and arming it through Czechoslavakia) wanting to disrupt Britains Middle East influence, the USA and the others needing to resolve the European jewish refugees not able to return to their pre-WW2 homes and lands.
    So, all of this happened with no discussion or consultation with local, indiginous peoples, the Palestiniains (arab, muslim, christain, jew and pagan). The 1949 war saw 700.000 of these people made refugees, there are now about 8 million people around the world who can cite themselves as Palestinian as a result of this Nakba. The UN international law requires every world state to support their right to return to their homes and lands, just like after WW2 and subsequesnt conflicts. Israel and its supporters are preventing this and making matters worse by creating more refugees in the West Bank and Gaza.
    Israel’s choice, like any other settler colonial power before it is twofold – either create a society that respects the legal rights of indiginous people or destroy them. Israel’s actions over the last thirty years are plain, they chose the latter.
    For us we can actively support the oppressor, we can do nothing and so support them by our silence or we can protest. Of course, as readers of IoTN know, you can also just post sarcastic piss-takes.
    Thses are the choices – which side are you on?

    • What did people say about the raping of elderly women and beheading of babies by the Hamas terrorists?

      Just curious.

      • Why would they need to discuss propaganda like that? Presumably they stuck to the facts. Let’s face it, they have much greater relevant knowledge and experience than any of us in the Pink family.

        • Oh dear, an holocaust denier! I do hope your comment gets deleted – otherwise there will be an official complaint.

          • Ms Pinky Peter Checksfield, you are outrageous. You claim “holocaust denial” for what? There was no mention of it ’till you raised it as a complaint.
            In fact using the holocaust in this was is offensive and undermines its true criminality. In this I would say you are being antisemetic for misusing the murder of six million jews in such a stupid and superfical way.

          • Yet you ignore more recent attrocities against us Jews? The holocaust is a continuing thing – it didn’t end with WW2.

      • That never happened, its Israeli propaganda, so stop trying to justify the Israeli state terrorism murdering tens of thousands of innocent Palestinian men, women, children, and babies!

    • Say what you want, until you sideline the extreme views on either side of the conflict nothing will ever be resolved.
      As both sides are guided by faith to a greater degree than any other guiding morality, the extremeists are likely to hold sway on both sides. Which in turn means there’s no chance of a negotiated settlement. Complete waste of time external parties getting involved unlessthey are willing to enforce any imposed settlement, which isn’t going to happen either.
      So the only option is to let the conflict continue , the endless waste of life continue and instead try to ensure the violence is contained to the disputed lands.
      We should be more interested in keeping an eye on the extreme views of some of those who’ve chosen to live in this country but who have no allegiances to it and for whom ,in some cases, our way of life and freedoms are abhorrent.

  21. Very well put, Garry Saunders. I think we should all be on the side of the thousands of people in Palestine and Israel who do not support violence and who want to live in a peaceful society .

    • Can you point to any large scale demonstrations on either side, where the peace loving moderates are calling for their leaders to stop the conflict?

      • There seem to be no end of peace loving moderates from across the political spectrum calling for a cessation of this needless slaughter of innocent lives.

          • That’s hardly surprising because Thatcher and Blair moved the political spectrum so far to the right that the so-called “moderates” are now the people who want to shrink the public sector, swap our welfare system for an American model, privatise our public assets, widen the inequality gap and turn a blind eye to genocide and apartheid. They would probably be very out of place at a meeting that focused on the victims of “moderate” policies

          • Ms Pink, are you suggesting that the downtrodden Palestinians are the enemy?

            If so, then I guess this explains why you avoid town centres where you can see the homeless; and why you’re so dismissive about unstaffed stations that put the disabled at a disadvantage.

            If the downtrodden ones are your enemies then who are your allies? The rich and powerful ones with the biggest weapons?

          • I’m suggesting that the pensioner-raping and baby-beheading terrorist group Hamas are the enemy. Or are you justify their actions?

          • Hey Peter, you weren’t at the meeting so what do you know? Also, where is your evidence for all the things you claim Hammas did? Contrary to Israels claims there seems to be quite a lot indicating they are lying, as the powerful usually do to demonise those they oppress.
            I don’t know if Hammas committed war crimes but I do know Israel has and continues to do so.
            My advice is to comer along to the next meeting, should there be one, and listenand ask your questions. If you’re worried about your safety then I’ll come with you if that helps. I’m not scared because I know the people attending these affairs are not hostile to honest debate. However, if you come out with the silly, offensive tripe you put on IoTN – you’re on your own.

        • Sorry that comment was in reply to Marva and i was referring to such demonstrations occurring in Israel or Palestine
          My point being that the default faith position seems to overcome the feel amongst the moderates to make their feelings heard to the more extreme.
          Yeah we have lots of shouting and flag waving by all sorts across the globe, all with their own viewpoints , but no real skin in the game.
          It’s a war, both sides broadcast so much propaganda that it’s impossible for the average person to actually know whats true, both are committing atrocities, both would quite happily see the other wiped out, there really isn’t anything between them from my viewpoint, so let them slaughter each other, we’re not going to stop it with our posturing and indignation. Both the Jews and Muslims have a n all encompassing word for those that aren’t jewish / muslim , which demonstrates their feeeling of superiority and effective dehumanises everyone else. In the final analysis our views are less than nothing to the true believers.

  22. As I said earlier Jews are not a race, they are a religious faith, if you check out “The Invention of the Jewish People”, which is well researched, by the distinguished Israeli Professor Sholomo Sand, which shows there is little to no historic, or archaeological evidence the 12 Tribes of Israel ever existed, or that Jews were enslaved in Egypt!

    The Old Testament is mainly made up of hagiographic biographic people of questionable religious beliefs. It would be interesting to know if Ms Pink (AKA Peter Checksfield is a practising Jew) I don’t think he is, so he can’t claim to be Jewish! His defence of the Israeli mass murder of tens of thousands of innocent men, women, children, and babies means he is colluding, and agreeing with Israeli state terrorism! My older sister Beryl was killed by the German NAZI’s, and I would like to ask Ms Pink/Peter Checksfield have you ever seen a dead baby? I have and the image will never leave me!

    • PS to the above, if someone’s parents are practising Catholics, does this mean their children are born Catholic? Or if someone’s parents are Hindu, does this mean their children are Hindu? Of course not, and people who are practising the Jewish faith, does not mean their children are Jews too! Ms Pink/Peter Checksfield, stop defending the indefensible! It is the Israeli state terrorism that is murdering innocent Palestinians, and destroying their homes, and people who claim to be Jews worldwide will be made into pariahs, just as white South Africans were under the racist Apartheid regimes, which Israel supported!

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