Enquiries after report of youth smashing train windows at Broadstairs railway station

Image British Transport Police

British Transport Police is investigating after a youth was reported to have ‘smashed windows’ on a train at Broadstairs with a bat yesterday (January 3).

The incident happened at Broadstairs railway station on the 4.33pm train to Ramsgate.

A BTP spokesperson said: “Officers received reports of a train carriage door being damaged at Broadstairs railway station at around 4.40pm yesterday.

“Enquiries into this incident are ongoing, and anyone with information is asked to contact BTP by texting 61016, quoting reference 387 of 03/01/2024.”



  1. Where was the “Onboard Manager”?

    Probably doing what they always do on the school runs .. hiding in the back cab!

    Plus there should be cctv footage to find the little scrote

    • Yes, they will hide away at times like this and for very good reasoning. A family member of mine was a train manager (guard) and tried to stop a cretin doing something similar. He got a bloodied face for his efforts, so what would you do if you were doing that job, M. Scott???

    • Teachers hide from out of control kids. Told to do this by senior management at one particularly ‘lively’ school. On one occasion when I was unable to dodge threats of rape & violence, I went looking for senior management – who included some burly blokes – as soon as I managed to get away. But they were hiding. Anybody who thinks one individual can stand up to certain sorts of school kids without risking life & limb is living in the past.

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