Pupil Voice networking for Viking Academy Trust’s young leaders

Youngsters from the three schools meet up

Pupils from Thanet’s Viking Academy Trust have important roles to play in how their individual schools are run.

Each of the three schools – Upton Juniors, Chilton Primary and Ramsgate Arts Primary – have a team of junior leaders or a school council.

Their aim is simple but crucial – to support senior leaders in the running of their schools.

Now the children are networking together to identify and discuss potential ways they think that their schools can be improved and developed.

Executive Head Teacher of the Trust is Michaela Lewis. She explained: “They have a vitally important role in the ongoing development of each school.

“They are the eyes and ears of the staff. They give us suggestions they collect among themselves and from their fellow year group pupils.

“This information is discussed by our senior staff and we embrace their ideas and suggestions, which are discussed thoughtfully and seriously.”

The first joint meeting of teams from each school was held this term at Chilton. The children met initially and shared lunch together, then played some ‘ice-breaker’ activities in order to get to know each other a bit better.

Following this, staff led a workshop on what makes a good leader before the team from Chilton gave their counterparts a tour of the school. This will be repeated when the groups will visit Ramsgate Arts Primary and then Upton Juniors.

The fact-finding visits are aimed at identifying positive practices and ideas that they can discuss further to help improve and develop their own schools.

Mrs Lewis added: “We are a firm believer in Pupil Voice and I am sure the networking meetings will be a strong addition to our Trust community.”

The teams also report the finding of their meetings with their own teachers back to fellow pupils to keep them informed of ideas and projects.