New Year fireworks at Ramsgate cancelled

Fireworks Photo Steven Collis

The New Year firework display in Ramsgate has been cancelled due to weather conditions.

The display was due to take place at Ramsgate Port on the stroke of midnight, ringing in 2024.

However, Viking Fireworks Ltd, which was in charge of the display, says the event is cancelled due to health and safety reasons.

A social media message says: “Coastguard has informed us of gale force 9 verging on gale force 10 winds.

“For health and safety purposes we can not fire, sorry to all.”


  1. What a shame , Viking never disappoints with their displays, but Safety first always, nice to see they contacted the coastguard, and acted on the information received.
    Happy New Year 😀

  2. i do hope they can return the fireworks for a refund , as at least then our money will not be going up in smoke = literaly

  3. Pathetic. How many times does this have to happen? How much of the public purse are those responsible for this farce helping themselves to? 😡😡😡

    • Well John Davis, it pales into insignificance with the amount your joke of party squandered away to themselves and there mates in Covid doesn’t it.

      Mix that with the endless lies and dishonesty of your shoddy self serving party and the pain you have all inflicted on the nation and I would say you should more than likely not comment on wasting money and helping yourselves to the public purse as that is all the Tories do!

      Take a look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself for the pathetic self serving parasite that you are.

    • who are you accusing?
      Viking Fireworks who took the advice of the coastguard, the coastguard for doing their job and advising on weather predictions, God for being in charge of the weather – or is this yet another attack on RTC cllrs and staff (none of whom have a financial interest in the fireworks display)
      between the wind and the rain anyone living in Ramsgate would have been aware of the strong winds all day – the cancellation will have come as a surprise to no-one else

    • Ok for your part to have parties at number 10 thou during covid19.

      Nit want joe public to have 15 minutes of enjoyment to welcome in the new year

  4. Yet another washout what winds ? every other display in the area went off safely even private ones going off on the beach. Last year it was fog but visibility was over half a mile I know because I was stood there that makes three years running. Get rid of Viking and get somebody who will put more effort in to it

  5. Ramsgate Town Council apologies for the disappointment caused, but we have to take expert advice regarding health and safety. Its beginning to look as though planning such an event on the coast, mid winter, is an expensive folly. We’ve backed it so far because we know many families enjoy the display, and we believe it persuades many to avoid private displays in back gardens etc. John Davis, that comment is a low even for you.

    • I think your post says it all “an expensive folly” so this is what you think it is?
      Firework displays have delighted people of all ages for many years and are only held maybe twice a year.
      You can easily hide behind the H&S advice and use it as an excuse for not supporting events that may, just may, reduce your re-election chances.
      Shame on this cowardly approach.

    • No.
      Ms Dawes took out a JR to challenge the absurd way that the SoS ignored the advice of the Planning Inspectorate and granted the Manston DCO.
      She’s seeking another, because the SoS is now ignoring the advice of the Independent Experts (OveArup) which he commissioned.
      Fireworks displays don’t usually require a DCO.

  6. Viking Fireworks Ltd cancelled due to health and safety reasons from metrological report – it happens ? time to think of appropriate season for display and tourist £spending.
    Is Cllr J Davis able to substantiate(if he was above poster ) the financial facts for his slanderous allegation of financial impropriety?
    I would prefer the ever increasing moronic graffiti tagging that is appearing on the red brick arches of Royal Parade removed and the waterfall of Madeira walk operational .
    Cllrs your actions ?
    Cllr John Davis ?

  7. Fireworks are a complete waste of money,for instant gratification.There are many people,not only pet owners,who will be happy that this unnecessary financial excess did not happen.The concept of “New Year” is a ridiculous fallacy,giving the weak willed the opportunity to give up their excesses,which they can do anytime,but rarely achieve.

  8. Some right miserably people in thanet arent there.

    I bet your childhood were horrendous as you seem to want to stop people of ages from having fun.

    I really dont like this anti enjoyment brigade, it’s bad enough having a tory government who hate the idea of ordinary people having fun, without the local ban everything brigade.

    Anyway I was looking forward to seeing the new year in with family watching the ramsgate fireworks along with thousands of others.

    It’s sad that people are so anti people enjoying a 15 minute fireworks display.

    To all you happy people out there happy new year, to you miserable people ‘do one’

  9. Did Ramsgate Council or whoever planned to have this firework display? How did they let everyone know beforehand that the firework display was cancelled I note that from the weather reports the wind and forecast was exactly the same in London as it was in Ramsgate yet London had a massive firework display And London is a lot more populated than Ramsgate regarding your comments Bill. I didn’t think it would be long before we had the moan moan moan from the usual Andrew as always talk about Manston airport and still can’t get over the fact that the airports been there longer than him And the High Court has turned down the judicial review on occasions and it’s about to turn it down for a third.

    • Ramsgate’s firework display is from the harbour/port with the launch site at ground level – unlike the London display which was from the London Eye with the height advantage and a natural exclusion zone around it to protect the public – because Ramsgate is sea on one side and land on the other London has the advantage of being able to be viewed from around the launch site, rather than from just one side of it – a lot of the viewing public are also above the launch site, being on the cliff tops, impacting on views – the London event was ticketed at £20 per ticket for access to the banks of the River Thames – with ‘more than’ 100,000 tickets sold that would suggest ticket sales in excess of £2million, but ticket sales go to cover the cost of crowd security and management (hopefully including police costs and road closures), not the costs of the fireworks themselves, they are paid for by the Greater London Authority Arts and Culture Fund (the local authority in other words) – London fireworks cost £2.3m in 2019 (subsequent years cannot be so easily compared due to the impact of Covid), with inflation from the last year the cost of fireworks has risen considerable more than even the rest of inflation – the figures are not available for 2023 (yet) but the cost is based on duration and complexity

      comparing apples with pears is not helpful

  10. Viking are the experts and it is they who carry the can if things go wrong, not you lot.
    In the past displays have gone off, if there is a weather window, but these can appear and disappear quite quickly.
    It has become very tight after the Taunton display when motorists blamed the organisers for causing an accident.
    I remember RTC trying out a Lazer display one Christmas but it was not a success.
    Next year if John Davis wants to have a go, he can organise a firework display, and show everyone how it should be done.

    • Are people real this dump ?

      Margate faces north , broadstairs faces east, deal faces south. Ramsgate faces south west so the wind blows straight into land. Plus you are 60 foot above the fireworks

      • Let me rephrase that

        South westerly

        Margate fireworks blown out to the north sea.
        Broadstairs fireworks blown along the beach and out to sea.
        Deal fireworks blown out to sea.

        Ramsgate faces directly into a south westerly so blows fireworks onto land. Plus people are watching from 60 foot above the fireworks to start with.

        It really is quite simple as to why some displays went ahead and some didnt just look at the map and the wind direction !

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