Community news: Disabled Riding Centre donation, QEQM Friends, Football Academy, kites for Palestine and Rebalance retreat

Bev and Paul hand over the donation to Thanet Disabled Riding Centre

Donation for Thanet Disabled Riding Centre

Christmas present deliveries in Westgate, Westbrook and Garlinge by Shetland ponies Domino and Blake have raised £621.85 for Thanet Disabled Riding Centre.

The little horses, with owners Bev Hayward and Paul Musselwhite, are delivered presents to families to bring some festive fun to people and raise money for the cause at the same time.

Minnis Bay mum-of-three Bev and  Garlinge dad-of-one Paul got out the Christmas outfits – for themselves and the horses – and for a £5 donation they delivered a gift and let the recipients meet Domino and Blake.

The cheque was initially for £571.85 but they then received a further £100 donation.

The centre has been running for more than 40 years and has been at its current site at Maurice House in Broadstairs for 30 years. It is entirely self-funded and  relies on donations from groups and individuals to cover the £250 per day running costs.

It is headed up by Nora Setterfield, 83, who received an MBE in 2013 for her dedication to the centre which helps children and adults who suffer from disabilities by providing riding lessons or just time with the horses and other visitors. There are some 48 students each week as well as a number of children with special needs who help at the stables with the volunteers.

Call the riding centre on 01843 863481 or find out more on the website here

QEQM Hospital League of Friends

Our Chairman Sylvia Pheils with some fellow committee members and friends went around the QEQM Hospital on Christmas Eve delivering some 400 Christmas gifts to patients having to spend the festive period in hospital.

We very much hope they brought some cheer and made the patients’ day a little brighter. Grateful thanks to the Hospital’s staff for their kind assistance and to Boots Westwood Cross, especially Sarah, for enabling us to buy the presents in bulk which made our money go further.

We’ve been doing this for many years and it’s just one example of how we try to make a real difference to the patients & staff in our local hospital. For more information about our charity please visit our page on Facebook or our website

Football Academy Kent

The  club is recruiting players for 2023/24 for the following teams:

– U9 Boys

– U10 Boys

– U13 Boys

– U14 Girls

Those selected will be invited into a training session.

Academy Trials 2023/24

Expression of Interest Required to [email protected]

Kites for Palestine

Around 100 people took part in a mass kite flying event in Broadstairs, on December 23, to mark the deaths of people who have been killed and injured in Gaza, Palestine.

The idea for the event, organised by Ramsgate-based activist Gordon Peden, was triggered by the death of Gazan poet Refaat Alareer who was killed by an Israeli air strike earlier this month.

Shortly before he was killed Alareer wrote a poem called “If I die” in which he asks people to remember him by making and flying a white kite.

The event took place on Viking Bay,

Rebalance Day Retreat

Treat yourself to this  day retreat and emerge with a renewed zest for life, carrying the essence of calmness and balance back into your daily routine. We are dedicated to providing an environment where peace and health flourish. Secure your spot with  Aspire Health, Fitness & Wellbeing and the team at Chapel House Estate on January 27th.

Full Day Individual Ticket Price: £160

Date: January 27th, 2024

Time: Begin at 9am – Closing at 6pm

Tickets at:


      • Perhaps do more for tourism. When I was in Bournemouth over Christmas, I was delighted to see lots of Jewish families out enjoying themselves – something which we often saw in Thanet until the left-wing DFL’s frightened them away.

        PEACE TO ALL!!! Xxxxxx

    • One simple reason, Israel are carrying out mass murder of tens of thousands of innocent people, including over 8,000 children and babies, who are not members of Hamas! People can donate to Medical Aid for Palestinians over the phone on 020 7226 4114.

      • A large number of Orthodox Jews visits Ramsgate every summer. There are many family groups among them and most of them are pleasant and friendly, except for a few very frum men. They don’t seem to have been “frightened away” by anybody.

  1. You still see Jewish families here, no one is frightened away that’s nonsense. Palestine solidarity is highlighting the occupatuon of and war crimes commited in Gaza by the Israeli Zionist state, there are victims on both sides of this war but Israel has been occuping, settling and ethnically cleansing Palestinian territory for decades. Read history and you will understand the situation and root causes of this awful humanitarian crises.

    • Not so many. 20 years ago, Minnis Bay used to be packed with them.

      Whatever, isn’t “Peace to all” a better message than taking sides?

      • (a) You’re obsessed with me, (b) this isn’t a “paper”, (c) “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”. Ms Pink XXxxx

        • I hate Peter Checksfield. Simply hate him. This is a paper, an e-paper,what else could it be? I do not want any new year wishes from a creep like Checksfield.

          • Love and goodwill to everyone, no matter whether you’re from Palestine, Israel, Wales, or whatever… oh, and hate tends to hurt the haters rather than the hated. I’m flattered that you think I’m important enough to hate, as I have a no feelings whatsoever on a grumpy and humourless old woman, except that I hope you find more love inside you. Xx

  2. What is happening in Gaza by the Israeli’s is a war crime! People of the Jewish faith are just that, they are NOT a race as they try to convince people (someone tell Stephen Fry), “the Jewish diaspora is essentially a modern invention”. Not my words, but those of Shlomo Sand the distinguished and highly esteemed Israeli emeritus Professor of History at Tel Aviv university.

    He goes on to say in his book “The Invention of the Jewish People the appearance of millions of Jewish people around the Mediterranean and elsewhere, is something that came through the religious conversion of local people…. Jews with a common ancestry never existed”. I bought a copy of the book some years ago, lent it to a Jewish friend, who never gave it back to me, I ended the friendship!

    I write occasionally about religion for minor obscure publications, but I seem also to remember somewhere that when Islam spread mainly around the middle east, many people of the Jewish faith, and others converted, because of better tax advantages!

    • The kidnapping and torture of the Israelis by terrorists wasn’t very nice either. NO violence and murder is justified.

      • Ms Pink (AKA Peter Checksfield) are you aware the Israeli’s held many hundreds of Palestinians hostage, imprisoned without trial BEFORE the Hamas attack? The Israeli’s are taking a leaf out of the German NAZI handbook, by trying to make Gaza untenable. They have turned of the water, so the toilets can’t be flushed, there is little or no electricity, food or medical supplies. They are systematically raising Gaza to the ground, thousands are homeless and living in appalling conditions in the open, just like the NAZI’s did in the Warsaw uprising in 1944. How do you think this will stop Arab, and international antagonism against people of the Jewish faith? It won’t and now everyone of the Jewish faith will be in danger, world wide!

      • Your constant, targeted, racist and misogynistic comments have really upset at least one person posting here.
        Why not take heed of your own ambition: “I want PEACE FOR ALL”
        If you’ve got something useful and relevant to say, then say it.
        Otherwise, keep quiet.

  3. Peckham protagonist Peter Pink.
    Permanently producing pathetic pointlessly provocative posts.
    Preaching peace?

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