Sea shelters artist residency with Crate for Anka Dabrowska

Artist Anka Dabrowska takes residency in January

Artist Anka Dabrowska takes residency with Crate Studio in January for a sea shelters project.

Anka, from Warsaw and now living and working in London, uses the media of drawing, illustration, sculpture and installation art and focuses on studio practice, research, exhibiting and curating and works as an illustrator, commercially.

Artist Anka Dabrowska

Anka said: “The new project focuses on Margate’s coastal path remaining sea shelters. The evolving role of the English seaside in the expression and repression of the body, gender and sexuality, with an emphasis on LGBTQ+ subjects.

“Focusing on the history of seaside shelters; their functions, shifting meaning, architecture, contributions to the landscape, vandalism, erosion, natural decomposition and destruction. This is a natural progression from my ongoing research into urban living and architecture, following on from a successful art residency in Margate in 2021.

“The new work will challenge my current practice in context, location, medium and scale with a focus on the Margate seaside shelters history from a perspective of an outsider. The project, based in one of the most deprived wards in the country, is aimed at a wide range diverse audience, reached through talks, workshops and action research.”

Anka says her aim will be to create a large scale collage based on her research, drawings, photographs, recordings and findings.

She added: “I would like to invite members of Margate’s diverse communities to contribute to this collage via their stories based on Coastal Park Seaside Shelters.

“I will provide the space and materials for people to join me, to create and to share via a sound recording, photograph, drawing, writing, collage, sculpture or by bringing an object associated with the shelters. The final collage will be documented and available to view on my website. All the participants will be credited accordingly.”

If you would like to participate please e-mail: [email protected] or visit Anka at CRATE Studio and Project Space, 1 Bilton Square Margate CT9 1EE Monday 22nd January -Sunday 28th January 10am -6pm.

Anka’s website:


  1. What pretentious twaddle. She’d be doing the community (gay, straight, black, white, young, old) far more of a service if she used her talents to help renovate the shelters.

  2. Could she be more specific with the diverse thing? Are the overwhelming majority of straight whites banned from giving their ideas?

  3. Have to say, I dont understand why an artists choice of sexual preference should dictate what artwork the historic Margate shelters display.

  4. ‘The evolving role of the English seaside in the expression and repression of the body, gender and sexuality, with an emphasis on LGBTQ+ subjects.’ What does this mean? What has the English seaside got to do with the repression of the body etc.? The world’s going to hell in a handcart and some folk think the English seaside’s repressing sexuality & LGBTQ folk? Or what? I give up.

  5. Are these shelters listed buildings by any chance?
    If so then it is criminal to do anything other than restore them to their former glory.
    This is not art it is total carp and has no place in a seaside shelter.

  6. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear !

    The shelters that this supposed artist has depicted look exactly the same as a a graffitied, vandalised shelter in any event. What is the point ? It will only encourage further graffiti and vandalism.

    And can anybody explain to me what relevance the artists sexuality or political beliefs have to do with the supposed art – and how this is portrayed (other of course than by slogans and written messages – and any idiot can do that !)

    And finally, why have gays got to gang up against Boris ? What has being gay got to do with opposing Boris (who is now long since deposed in any event) ? Is is a prerequisite of being gay that you dislike Boris ?

    • I also thought they didn’t like being called “gays” anymore, preferring the former insult “queers” (or “ginger beers” as we used to say in London)?

      Actually, that sounds quite jolly: “Ginger beers against Boris!”.

  7. What is happening to margate lol what aload of claptrap. As a local I never go to margate nowadays. Margate offers nothing nowadays it just pretends to be St Ives without the beautiful setting. St Ives a lovely clean weed and graffiti free place, margate dirty litter, graffiti or art, weeds growing up in the road gutters and a dump of a high street.

    I personally dont see what all this millions given to the arty community has done to improve margate.

    • I’ve just spent a few days in Bournemouth, where the beaches are spotless, and there’s about a dozen public loos along the seafront – every one of them open and clean on Christmas Day! People who think Margate is great really need to get out more.

  8. John above seems to be missing the point that this collaborative arts funded project is about outsiders and as we all know these shelters are outside. This project does seem however something that was similarly funded last year involving interviewing “outsider”
    Communities and individuals at Arlington House. This theme does seem to be ever expanding !
    I do agree with Ms Pink above , that the artists talents could be better directed to help in the renovation of derelict shelters .

  9. Ms. Pink

    I agree with you about people who think margate is great.

    I holiday all over the uk and thanet is by far the worst place I have seen. As soon as you hit the thanet way the weeds are waist high, litter along the roads, graffiti on every road sign. The nearer you get to a thanet town the worst it gets.

    Honestly people need to take a look at other seaside towns and see how they are managed. Cornwall, Devon, the lakes, the Dale’s all cleaner than thanet. Now add a dirty polluting cargo hub and that’s the end of thanet as a seaside area

      • ??? So what it still adds to the entrance to thanet, KCC, TDC can find lots of money for art when most people in thanet want clean tidy area to live in.

        Thanet is scruffy and dirty just take a look at other areas, even in kent. Thanet is to far away to worry KCC and TDC are useless.

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