Homes and flats plan for former fire station site at Westwood

Flats and homes plan for the former fire station in Margate Road Image Made Architects

Plans to build 24 three-bed homes and 12 two-bed flats, at the former Thanet Fire Station at Westwood, have been submitted to Thanet council.

The former fire station site at Westwood sold at auction for £700,000 last year. The station began its closure process in 2011 when crew members relocated to Margate and Ramsgate.

The plot covers 1.69 acres (0.68 hectares). The buildings have been cleared so the site can be developed.

Site of the former Thanet Fire Station

Planning documents on behalf of Mitchley Developments say: “The team met with planning officer Emma Fibbens at the site to present our initial concept ideas. One of the main objectives was to find out whether the council would deem the site suitable for a residential development.

Image Made Architects

“The pre-app response states that: The site is a sustainable site within the urban confines, and Westwood Town Centre, and we are supportive of its development, and the potential opportunity to significantly enhance this prominent site within the town centre, whilst also helping to develop Westwood as a mixed use business and residential community.

Flats Image Made Architects

“The officer concluded that a high-density housing development up to 5 storeys and with a modern design would be acceptable on the site, with a feature on the southern corner of the scheme.

Flats Image Made Architects

“However, she recommended that the main (western) frontage of the building on Margate Road be brought back away from the road to allow for increased landscaping; and that the east façade also be moved away from the boundary to allow for a buffer between the building and the petrol station.”

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The development will deliver 30% of the dwellings as affordable homes with 70% affordable rent, 25% first homes and 5% shared ownership.

The scheme includes 38 car parking spaces and cycle storage.

Planning documents say: “The buildings will be well insulated and airtight in order to minimise heat loss and energy usage. The building will be heated efficiently and will make use of heat recovery systems where possible.

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“In order to maximise solar gains and natural light, and to minimise energy usage, the design makes use of extensive glazing and the building is designed in such a way that as few units as possible face north or near north.

“Solar panels will be provided on the apartments. A sedum blue roof will be provided on the apartment buildings. Rainwater harvesting for garden maintenance will be provided for the houses in the form of water butts.”

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The apartments will be built to reflect the historical nature of the site by re-interpreting the fire station with a residential version of the training tower, complete with steel balconies, metal cladding, red bricks and larger openings ‘mimicking’ fire appliance opening bays and training spaces.

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There will be two blocks and each will contain six apartments, with access to cycle stores, bin stores, private amenity spaces and surrounding communal landscaped areas.

A decision on the application has not yet been made. It can be viewed on the council’s planning portal, reference F/TH/23/1545


  1. This is bloody Mad ,retail yes but homes is the most stupid and dangerous thing to build, TDC would be Mad to give planning for this .

  2. Westwood Town centre , now then.
    Good use of land for housing though .
    Heard there is a Medway City now .
    Social engineering, poor builds/ design with high prices for developers profit . Buyers hocked to eyeballs .
    Where is the employment?

    • Exactly. All we read about is former factories, churches, shops & pubs being demolished/converted for housing. NOT a way to develop a proper community!

  3. Would be handy for many-Horton just up the road, Tesco just down from them, Burger King not far the other way & about a million coffee shops nearby.

  4. Pay 300k to live in the middle of a retail park . Are these developers off there heads. And if they fail to sell what next . Try to sell them on to thanet council. The circle that is wwx should only be retail.

    • With Thanet about two thirds surrounded by sea, I don’t know why people would instead choose to live 4 miles inland.

  5. Nobody wants housing on Greenfield sites so this seems to be the perfect use of this Brownfield site.
    When businesses close or sites become vacant and they become “former” whatever they may have been before this is exactly the definition of Brownfield. It could be considered as finally replacing some of the housing that was demolished to make way for Westwood Cross.

    • yes, quite a few houses were demolished to make way for Westwood cross. Better still knock westwood cross then u got space for a lot off houses.

    • I can definitely say that those houses that made way have been replaced a hundred times over already, so no need to put more in the middle of the commercial area.

  6. Moan if you like but it makes sense to use this land to build houses ( hopefully not too expensive). Why use green land when this is available. With online shopping becoming the main more and more land like this will be empty so why not. Great news

  7. thats it keep them coming , thanet will sink under the weight of the houses and people soon , keep pushing the envelopes it blatant to me .

  8. The artist impression gives the impression this site is massive. Given the amount of greenery on display . Or are they the usual little boxes marketed as homes.

  9. Westwood Town Centre….I hate hearing those words…. There’s been a lot of times it’s been referred to as that…. We have Town Centres that have declined because of Westwood bloody cross….

    • Blame TDC, they have done nothing to help the high street & Cliftonville-just shops boarded up for eternity & pointless pop-ups that vanish to be empty or replaced by anther. While they throw millions at non-profit Turner-which has only benefited the old town luvvies & Dreamland.

  10. Why is that woman in ramsgate who is against manston airport not trying to stop the houses been built all the house builds and extra vehicles on the road is creating more chaos than a areoplane in the air I’m confused please explain

  11. If this development takes place wait for the accidents to occur. Who in their right mind would turn right out of the site to go to Margate. As already happens occasionally people from the Margate area wanting to go into the small shopping area opposite this site block traffic behind themselves whilst signalling to turn right instead of going to the roundabout and traveling back. Good old Emma still using her bosses and former teachers tactics to get as many houses as possible in Thanet

  12. One word utter MADNESS-Look at the traffic at westwood. Tesco was a nightmare to get out off the car park= Town centres are now ghost towns. Shame on this council.

  13. Does anyone remember promises made at the time to tenants and homeowners, that if you give up your properties to wwx for redevelopment or sell. We promise houses will never be rebuilt here. As with the politics and parties don’t expect promises to be kept.

  14. Ah yes that’s exactly what we need in Thanet MORE HOUSES!!! Someone needs to stop these companies chucking up these matchbox builds. It’s no wonder the sewage systems can’t cope and keep over flowing.

  15. Further to all above points on non-suitability of this development – 24 three-bed homes and 12 two-bed flats. You can assume there will be a minimum of one car per residence, more likely two for many and they will all have visitors from time to time. So how can a plan like this be approved with just 38 car parking spaces?

  16. Image 3 shows a wide landscaped area with grass and trees between the development and the Tesco carpark road, but image 9 doesn’t show this and hardly any landscaped areas. The grass shown must be the small rear gardens to the houses not communal.
    This is just the usual con by developer to make it look nice when in reality there will be no room for landscaping at all. The planning officer in charge taken in as usual by the nonsense spoken.
    Anyway, this is part of the commercial area and homes are not supposed to be developed here, as TDC themselves made a promise to those residents who lived there, before having their homes compulsory purchased for development of the commercial WWX, that no homes would be built. It was part of the terms of agreement. They need to look back at those before making any decision. There are still people living here that remember all that. One person refused to let his house go and all the others were demolished while he was still living in his. Obviously he went in the end.

  17. 24 houses and 12 flats on an area smaller than a full sized football pitch along with parking spaces footpaths and gardens. Erm the math isnt mathing there is it. Someone needs there head looked at fingers crossed the council refuse this application.

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