Ursuline College youth group team up with Thanet Earth to host low price market

The successful debut market at Ursuline College

Ursuline College Youth SVP [St Vincent de Paul Society] group has teamed up with Thanet Earth to provide low cost, high quality veg to the community.

The students are involved with a food market taking place at Ursuline College once more following the success of the debut event in the summer.

The market is expected to get busy, with low prices between 10p-40p per item on tomatoes, peppers,  cucumbers, potatoes, celeriac and avocados. The market is cash only with a maximum spend set at £20.

It will take place on Thursday [December 21] from 8.30am to 10.30am at the school in Canterbury Road, Westgate.

The Youth SVP students meet Fridays at Ursuline College to provide community service to the area.

Their outreaches include visiting nursing homes, Easter egg drives working with Community Kindness – Thanet for children who live on or under the poverty line, gardening and litter picking around the school site and beyond and organising events.

Other ideas from the Youth SVP include creating Reading Spaces for lunchtimes at the school.

The food market is a way to help raise funds for the other projects.

The market is sponsored by Thanet Earth and major stakeholder Fresca Group.

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