Stagecoach confirms £2 single fare cap until end of June 2024 with negotiations for December 2024 extension

Stagecoach bus

Stagecoach announced today (December 19) that it is extending its maximum fare of £2 for a single bus journey until the end of June 2024 – with negotiations then to take place to roll it on to the end of December 2024.

Earlier this year the government announced the fare cap would run until the end of next year but a Stagecoach spokesperson confirmed the funding arrangement agreed between the government and bus operators is for a 6 month period. The second half of the year will depend upon another round of funding negotiations.

The offer, part of the National Bus Fare Cap scheme, was first launched in January 2023.

The £2 offer, part of the Government’s Help for Households campaign, has helped bus customers save money but has also boosted local economies and communities with 23% of Stagecoach surveyed £2 single ticket customers said they were making trips they wouldn’t otherwise have made.

A similar proportion of customers reported they had switched some journeys from private vehicles to the bus.

Claire Miles, Chief Executive Officer for Stagecoach said: “We are delighted to continue our participation in the £2 fare offer until at least the end of June 2024, giving more people the chance to see where the bus can take them.

“Around 10 million people in England live within walking distance of one of our bus stops, so we’re hoping that people will take the opportunity to get out of their cars and give the bus a try for the bargain price of just £2 for a single ticket.”

Stagecoach bus tickets can either be bought on the Stagecoach Bus App in advance of travel, or on the bus using contactless payment including Apple and Google Pay, or using cash.


  1. I very rarely actually see anyone pay on the bus. Always seems to me that most people have a free pass anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. For once,I agree with Lily.
    Ridership is up and the decline has slowed.However the latest stats still show that the OAPs are still staying away.So put away the explosive and the electric disc cutters grandad.Leave the ULEZ cameras alone and go by bus.
    The bus network is damaged after Stagecoach used it’s disc cutters on the network, and needs restructuring and restoration.
    Why are you showing a picture of a Dennis Pointer bodied Dart?If there are any left they are only used for training.The Stagecoach livery is now different.

  3. It’s expensive….Garlinge return to WWX is 8 quid at £2 per journey. Yes you can get a day rider but that just masks the fact £2 per journey is very expensive for the majority of journeys (short) that are done.

    • I think a reference is being made to a sort of power tool that disgruntled people use to cut down the ULEZ camera poles.

  4. Disc cutters are an electric power tool, though the largest can be powered by petrol engines. The disc is a carborundum disc shaped attachment that fits on to an arbour on the power tool.
    A good quality disc cutter can cut chains,pipes,metal or otherwise,sheet steel,block work and paving.
    They are the tool of choice for the ULEZ vandals(when explosives are used,the term is terrorist), because they are relatively easy to conceal and are effective in cutting a camera pole.
    I hope that explains the term.

  5. I think cutting signal cables or poles would be extremely dangerous, criminally insane, and at best pointless, because where the track is controlled by track circuits,it would fail safe, and transmit a danger signal to any train,which would come to a halt.

  6. Why oh why is there at least one contemptuous old grandad that feels the need to treat readers as if they are still at school? Angle grinder is a more apt term for the device (in my view you’re not cutting discs fgs). Sir, can I go now?

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