Boy treated for injuries after being hit by vehicle in Broadstairs

Police at the scene

A boy has been treated for injuries and taken to hospital after being hit by a vehicle in Broadstairs today [December 16].

Emergency services were called at 9.49am to the collision in St Peter’s Road.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 9.49am on Saturday 16 December to a report of a collision involving a child pedestrian and the driver of a van in St Peters Road, Broadstairs.

“Officers and paramedics attended the scene and the boy was treated for injuries. He has been taken to hospital for further medical attention.”

It is understood the youngster’s injuries are not life-threatening.


  1. Hope he recovers-its getting bad on theses roads now-Is that the same road where another boy who was on bike was killed a quite a few years ago, and this is bike shape placed at the spot where he died?

  2. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t a ‘pedestrian’ as such since there was a scooter on the ground by the incident as well when we went past just as he was being moved in to the ambulance. Pleased to hear that he wasn’t too badly hurt.

  3. Walking along that road is a scary experience,particularly when you have your back to oncoming traffic.As a cyclist,I would never go on that road.50mph,in an urban area,is far too excessive and many exceed that.If you are hit,then you will be lucky to survive.

  4. Should be a 40mph limit here. Vehicles often speed at this point in the road. I have even been overtaken here by idiots. However glad it was not much worse.

  5. Everyone on here has a point to say ,mainly ,blaming the driver,no one on this site was there ,I take it ,so you don’t know who was ,at fault. The anti car people will always ,blame ,the driver,it could have been the youngster fault ,we do not know.As ,a driver ,yes some people do speed ,but if the speed limit was 20 mph ,people would still speed,that’s a fact of life ,unless you cover every inch of road with speed cameras or have the police ,covering every road ,the speeding will not stop .Many times I have approached that crossing point ,and pedestrians old and young,do not wait for the lights to change ,so it is safe to cross ,and take a dangerous decision to cross ,when it not safe ,or cross 20/50 metres before the crossing,again gambling the lives and others,

    • Hi ray, the lights were red, my child waited and then crossed on foot with he’s scooter. The driver has already admitted blame that he just didn’t see the red light or my boy until he hit the windscreen. My kid come of very lucky and I thank the heavens for that. I understand that sometimes it is the decisions of people running a cross the road, but in this instance it wasn’t the case.

      • I hope he is alright and getting better,I was not remarking mainly on his trouble ,more on the General situation on the road

      • It’s easy for people to comment when they don’t know what the situation is. Ray also jumping to defend the drivers without himself even knowing. It has nothing to do if you are anti or pro car and yes, lowering the speed limit does have an affect for the majority of drivers. Speeding not being the issue here.

        I am just so pleased your little one is alive Carla as the speed limit being 50 where a crossing is situated is too high. It should be dropped by 10mph at least to give drivers time to slow down if the lights change anyway. Your boy did the right thing by waiting for the lights to change before stepping out. Wishing him better soon in time for Christmas.

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