Christmas Unwrapped event for Ramsgate Arts Primary children

A visit to The Corner by RAPS pupils

Children at Ramsgate Arts Primary  have embraced the festive season by discovering Christmas Unwrapped at The Corner community hub in the town.

The Year 6 group began by sharing some of their favourite things about Christmas, including songs, films and presents.

They also looked at ‘myth-busting’ about the traditional Christmas story – for example, they discovered there is no mention of a donkey in the Bible nativity.

They discussed the real story behind the traditional tale to get to the core of what might have happened by investigating various add-ons that have grown up around the nativity scenario over the centuries. Professor Noel Christmas was on hand to help the discussion along.

A tasty break from their deliberations saw the children find out how to make mince pies and try their hand at creating the sweet pastry treat.

To finish their visit in style, pupils joined in a special Christmas rap song.

Head of School Nick Budge said: “The children really enjoyed taking a slightly different look at the festive season – it was fun interactive activity-based learning.”