Council investigating after complaints of rubbish pile with ‘disgusting mattresses’ in Cliftonville garden

Complaints have been made with residents saying they are worried about 'vermin'

Thanet council is investigating complaints of a pile of waste and old mattresses in a Cliftonville garden that residents say has been building up for years and is “a potential breeding place for vermin.”

Matt Shoul, who is the outgoing chairperson for Athelstan Road Tenants and Residents Association [ARTRA] says he has been in communication with Thanet council enforcement and the landlord of the property – which featured in the Netflix series Top Boy – for several years over the issue.

A clearance notice has previously been issued following complaints from residents but the eyesore remains.

One neighbour said: “”I feel sick at the thought of all that rubbish being piled up next to our home. It is an environmental health concern.

“Recently we’ve had our black bins which we paid for removed by the council for no reason, and we are constantly on the phone to them to bring them back, but they do not respond. They ignore us or tell us they will escalate it and nothing happens.

“It genuinely it feels like they are working against us, not with us, to help tackle this rubbish. Hopefully the neighbours can grasp the nettle and remove all those disgusting mattresses.”


Cllr Heather Keen, Thanet council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said: “Whilst we are unable to comment on individual cases while an investigation is going on, I can confirm that we are aware of this build-up of rubbish on private property, along with at a number of other locations in Cliftonville.

“Build ups of waste can create a public health hazard and attract vermin. We can and do enforce clearance by the landowner when this situation occurs on privately owned land.

“There is a complex enforcement process to follow when landowners do not comply with notices to remove waste, and this can take some time to complete.

“If you have reported a fly-tip, but it hasn’t been removed yet, rest assured that we will be investigating it, and removing the rubbish as soon as possible.

“Residents can be confident that keeping our neighbourhoods clean is a top priority for the council, and we will take enforcement action where we need to.”


  1. I was told that Cliftonville area uses up more that half the street cleaning budget for the whole of Thanet. If that is true then something needs to be done to solve the problem. I know to hire a skip is not cheap and if it’s placed on the highway you have to buy a permit, so it’s no surprise that people just let rubbish build up in their garden especially if they have no transport to take rubbish to the council tip and only then if an appointment has been made to take it there.

    • It really begs the question as to whether the rubbish is being dumped in the garden by the general public or by the people that live in the house ?

      TDC offers a service to remove five bulky items or 20 sacks for £30.

      Please do not give me the old excuse that people cannot afford to pay. They have the money to buy the new bed, TV or sofa and that is why they need to dispose of the old one. More often than not, they also have the money for tattoos, fags, (or vapes) and takeaways.

      TDC needs to get its act together and start clamping down on all this nonsense. Too much talk and too little action.
      There is no excuse for for such slovenly, degenerate behaviour.

  2. Awful but TDC I have complained to you about the mattress on the A299,along with the skip bag of rubbish,Kitchen chair,industrial polythene sheeting,car roof,dustbin,paint tins along with all the usual litter and you still haven’t dealt with it.If you drive all the way from South East London through the many Borough council zones its only when you reach Thanet that the litter increases 10 fold.

  3. That’s sensible it has nothing to do with train trips.Its about the hypocrisy of nett zero preaching from this council.TDC can’t even clean the area.Britain leading the World on nett zero.Come to Thanet where litter has no respect for wildlife and nature.My Street has not been swept nor any of the surrounding roads in the 12 years I have lived here.
    I recently had a two week driving holida
    y in France.Absolutely spotless.I saw more litter in the first 100 yards of leaving Dover.

    • France is incredibly clean, ditto Germany. Only really clean part of the UK I’ve seen recently is Isle of Man, where they even hose down bus shelters nightly.

  4. Dover Council said this week . That the a2 a20 and the a256 won’t be cleaned for 12 months . That gona be 1 big mess to clean up. But most must be thrown out of car windows

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