Head Pupils elected at Newington primary

Newington junior leadership team

The new head pupils at Newington Community Primary in Ramsgate have pledged to help fellow schoolchildren, staff and their school community.

The top team of Esmay and Arthur and their deputies Edith and Theo were selected after a dozen candidates hit the election trail in search for votes at the ballot boxes which were placed around the school.

Theo and Edith

They created promotional posters, put together manifestos, and presented campaign speeches to the school via an online assembly as part of Newington Democracy Week.

Teacher Steph Morris is Pupil Voice Lead at Newington. She said: “Their roles and responsibilities will be to liaise with myself and my mentor Hannah Holden who is Citizenship Lead with regards to leading and supporting during junior leadership team meetings.

Arthur and Esmay

“They will also support the leadership team in welcoming visitors to our school and will play a huge role in making sure that the needs of the pupils within our school are being heard and met.

“The quality of the candidates was very high and they all worked exceptionally hard putting forward their ideas. Any of them could have been named as head pupils because they were all so very strong – it was so important that our pupils took part and voted, and that their votes counted.”

A junior leadership team was also elected following the same voting procedure and it consists of two members from each class. They will represent and attend fortnightly meetings with a chosen agenda, the latest focussing on what is needed for a great school disco event. The representatives will feed back the chosen agenda to their classmates and record the discussions, ready for their next meeting where an action plan can be formed.


Head Teacher Hannah Tudor said: “It is important for our school to show democracy in action particularly in the current political climate where there is so much confusing and multi-faceted information surrounding the current governance of our country.

“Our new head pupils and junior leadership team have important roles. They will be terrific ambassadors for our school and will help and support their fellow pupils and staff in a variety of aspects of school life.”