Completion of £500k refurb at The Royal Albion Hotel

The refurbished ground floor restaurant

A £500,000 refurbishment of The Royal Albion Hotel in Broadstairs has been completed by brewery Shepherd Neame.

The hotel remained open while the 10 week project took place. It involved a major renovation of the restaurant area on the ground floor, including restoring the wooden floors and redecorating throughout with a contemporary coastal feel. The fixed booth seating has been removed and  tables and chairs introduced to create a more spacious feel.

Five of the hotel’s 21 en-suite bedrooms have undergone a complete transformation. The rooms – one Luxury, three Superior Doubles, and one Standard Double – have new furniture and décor, and new luxury bathrooms including drench showers.

The Royal Albion dates back to 1776, and care has been taken with the design to ensure  each room retains its own unique style and character.

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The five rooms have balconies offering sea views and these spaces have also been refurbished, with new wicker furniture introduced.

General Manager Marc Duvauchelle said: “We are absolutely delighted with the finished results of this project, and have already received great feedback from customers. Our refurbished rooms really offer a premium experience for guests, and the investment in the restaurant has ensured that we make the most of our hotel’s fantastic seafront location.”

In November the venue did a U-turn after a rethink of its no cash policy.

On January 30 it went to a cashless model but the move split opinion with many people saying they should have a cash or card choice for payment but others saying cash is rarely used anymore.

The Shepherd Neame venue said at the time that card payment was faster, meaning staff had more time to serve customers.

For more information visit or call 01843 868071.


  1. The ‘refurbished’ diningroom looks cold and uncomfortable. Contemporary? I don’t think so. Coastal? ditto. Still, all the better to move the customer along quickly and welcome in more suckers I dare say.

  2. All that money spent and,still,the quality of food and service are inadequate.They need to look at the service they provide,as well as the ambience.

  3. Perhaps the rooms are great, but that doesn’t really matter so much for a local. Striping out the booth / banquette seating was such an error. They were the only things breaking up the room, making it a bit more stylish and cosier. I don’t want to go there anymore for cold, bland open tables. Such a shame.

  4. People still upset over cashless I see.

    Some people need to get out and see the world.

    Petty grievances over things that don’t affect them are pointless.

    It’s a shame so many of the older generation are snowflakes that get upset so easily.

  5. Restaurant looks like an uncomfortable cheap cafe. Colour scheme is cold. Even supermarket cafes look more welcoming than this.

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