Chilton’s community champions in action

Chilton litter pick champions

Being an integral part of their local community is important for children at Chilton Primary in Ramsgate.

In recent years projects have included tidying up areas of woodland off Dumpton Park Drive and lending a hand with a volunteering bulb planting project at Courtstairs Park on the town’s West Cliff near their school.

The latest initiative has seen pupils once again out and about in the town centre clearing away litter as part of Ramsgate councillor Raushan Ara’s ongoing ‘keep Ramsgate tidy’ campaign.

This time a team from Year 6 and Key Stage 2 leader Helen Rowland-Hill [pictured] stepped into action armed with bin bags and litter grabbers to clear away a variety of rubbish to ensure streets, pathways and the shopping area were spic and span.

As a special treat and a ‘thank you’ for their industrious community work Cllr Ara invited the team to join her for lunch and a well-earned rest.

Head of School Alex McAuley said: “Our pupils are encouraged throughout their time at Chilton to understand and appreciate that they are an important part of a wider community.

“We discuss volunteering and supporting others, whether it is local conservation projects and charities or national fundraisers like Children in Need and Comic Relief. They develop a strong social responsibility and this will certainly be important as they advance through education into adult life.”

Pupils have the opportunity to learn about the environment in each year group ranging from recycling and litter, through the impact of humans on the environment, deforestation, climate change, pollution conservations, fair trade and renewable and non-renewable energy.

Deputy Head of School Hannah Cheshire said: “Our teaching of environmental issues is cohesive and progressive. When our pupils leave us in Year 6 they have developed the knowledge and awareness they need to make informed choices about how they might contribute towards a thriving community.”