Photos: Boats and businesses at Ramsgate harbour get festive makeover

Ramsgate harbour lights Photo Brian Whitehead

Christmas lights adorn boats and businesses at the Arches for their annual displays.

Each year lights in several categories are judged with a prize-giving at Ramsgate’s Royal Yacht Club.

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The displays remain in place until the new year.

Ramsgate photographer Brian Whitehead and Broadstairs photographer Dean Spinks have captured the illuminations so far.


  1. Lovely thing to do always adds to the festive atmosphere. Well done to all those who put themselves out to put the effort into it.

  2. I think Kathy Bailes does an excellent job bringing us the news stories from around Thanet the only criticism I would give is I don’t think in a democracy Kathy you should use the ( comments closed banner) I think that censorship is totally unacceptable when a subject of importances is being discussed by readers.

  3. I agree with you Bill, but unfortunately free speech has gone, as we now live in a PC and woke country.
    It only takes one person to be offended ( which wouldn’t take much ) to try and take legal action against Kathy and the IOTN.
    I believe she is only protecting herself against all the snowflakes.

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