Ramsgate Police Station to offer December safe space with extended hours Fridays and Saturdays

Ramsgate Police Station

Ramsgate Police Station will open as a safe space every Friday and Saturday in December.

The extended opening hours at the York Street police office will be from 8pm to 3am.

Kent Police say: “The idea of this safe space is for there to be a place that a person can go if they ever feel vulnerable or in fear during the hours of darkness.

“The safe space will be occupied by two police officers who will be on hand to help if needed but can also provide advice on staying safe in our towns of an evening.”

The initiative has been launched as part of Kent Police’s Tackling Violence against Women and Girls VAWG) scheme.

Kent Police say: “We are committed to eradicating all forms of violence against women and girls and have a strong approach to actively pursue violent perpetrators.

“We want women and girls who live, work and socialise in our communities to feel safe.”

The police station safe space project follows an event last month where police and partner agencies spoke to women and girls in Ramsgate about what they think can be done to help them feel safer in public.

The event was held in the town centre, with Kent Police joined by local councillors, Kent Police Cadets and Thanet District Council staff in order to speak to residents and those who visit the town.

A hub was also set up in Harbour Parade to offer alarms, crime prevention advice and information about initiatives aimed at keeping people safe.

The views gathered throughout the evening will help to shape the future work carried out by the partner agencies to reduce the risk of violence against women and girls.

Sergeant Jason Hills, of Thanet Community Safety Unit, said: ‘Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop and tell us their views on what could be done to help reduce their fear of becoming a victim of crime when out and about. Some suggestions included areas where lighting could be improved.

‘We will now collate the information given and use it to build on the positive work already done across the county to help women and girls feel safe in public.”

The station’s usual opening hours are listed as Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm.


  1. Will the safe space be available to men, too?
    Statistics show thar young men are far more likely to be assaulted on the street than women.

  2. It’s a good idea, many years ago whilst working as a police officer on night duty I used to stand in the doorway of Burtons tailors
    ( now Halifax building society) it used to be so quiet that I could hear the clock ticking above my head I had colleges not far away if they were need. Today’s police officers are manly flash and dash so it’s reassuring that for December at least there is a police presence in the town centre.

    • Yes – that, sadly, was the good old days when we had sufficient coppers to police the town and prevent crime – rather than the handful we have left who are mainly only able to react after a crime has occurred.

      Rather than all the cuts and savings – lets start paying a little more to see an improvement in the number of coppers on the ground . . . or is that suggestion too radical and unacceptable ?

      • There have been so many promises of increased amounts of Police officers in Thanet over the last few years from the Kent police and crime commissioner. Where are they then?

  3. So,it is just for women and children.What about violence against men?That doesn’t count or exist,then!
    Another well thought out police initiative.

  4. Bill, when you were in the police it was very common to see a police officer walking – cycling-talking to members of the public
    It was more of intelligence gathering crime prevention policeing today the police only appear after a crime has been committed and only then if they turn up.

  5. Why can’t it be 8 pm till 8am. Putting them back on the streets at 3am is stupid and unfair especially if children are there, please think about it and increase the time to 8am

  6. The dim LED street lighting in all our streets attracts the crazies out to commit crime. It would be better if the lighting was improved so you can be seen walking down the pavement wherever you are in the dark.

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