Ellington Infant School launches ‘Ellington Experiences’

An autumn walk experience for Ellington little ones

Children attending Ellington Infant School in Ramsgate had a great time taking part in the launch day of a new school initiative, ‘Ellington Experiences’.

Ellington Experiences are a set of enjoyable and memorable activities the school has pledged to make available for children.

Teachers across the school have worked hard to develop 10 experiences per year group that children will engage with throughout the year and it is the school’s pledge that all children in the school will be able to take part in the activities for their year-group.

Some are smaller activities, while others are much more ambitious in scale, but they will all ensure that children grow up with a well-rounded and enriching experience of life in modern society.

During the launch day, Reception children fulfilled one of their experiences and went on an autumn walk, using their senses to see, hear, feel and smell the signs of Autumn. They had a fantastic time and learned lots about the changing seasons in the process.

In Year 1, children learned about keeping fish. One of the Year 1 experiences is about having the opportunity to care for fish throughout the year, and so the launch day served as an exciting start to this, including introducing 6 new neon tetra fish to their new home.

Year 2 went outside for their first Ellington Experience, learning about caring for plants. They cleared space by removing weeds and learned how to plant bulbs.

Headteacher Adnan Ahmet was very pleased with how the Ellington Experiences launch day went, and is excited about this addition to the school’s offer.

He said “Here at Ellington we are continually looking for ways to improve our offer to the children that attend our school. We recognise that a child’s experiences are pivotal in shaping who they are and who they will become in later life. As such, we want to do our best to not only provide a high-quality academic education, but also to make sure we are doing what we can to enrich our children’s lives with fulfilling experiences.

“As well as the activities undertaken on our launch day, children across the year groups can look forward to various other experiences such as visiting a café, going rock-pooling and creating their own art exhibition.”