Fundraiser created to help young couple following heart-breaking loss of one-year-old son Archie

Archie passed away just three days after his 1st birthday

A fundraiser has been created to help a young couple grieving the loss of their little boy just three days after his first birthday.

Lauren Parrish and Jake Squire took son Archie to the QEQM Hospital on November 21st after the little one became unwell. Tragically, he passed away on the morning of November 23rd.

Lauren’s godmother Nikki Escudier has set up the fundraising page in a bid to help the family with living costs while Jake takes time away from his work as a window cleaner and refrigeration maintenance worker to support Lauren and help look after their 6 week old son Albie.

Lauren, 21, and Jake, 24, live in Dover but are currently staying in Margate to be close to family and friends.

Jake, Lauren and Archie

Jake, speaking on behalf of both himself and Lauren, said: “Archie was a happy little lad who was always smiling and loved to chew on his little sponge and brush when finally his first tooth came through around nine months old.

“Archie always loved to dance especially to the Fireman Sam theme tune, the sherry song by the Four Seasons, or My G by Aitch & Ed Sheeran.

“Archie was a real daddies boy always calling out “dad, dad, dad” no matter whose attention he wanted, even when talking to his devoted mummy Lauren.

“He always felt safe and content with the people he loved around him and would settle with his muzzy at night without any fuss at all.

“Lauren and I cherish memories of our time spent at the zoo, swimming, and holidays but especially bath time! Archie would bum shuffle and pull the funniest of faces which would brighten up any room.

“He’d wave at strangers and went shy when people gave him attention. He was adored by everyone lucky enough to have known him but was yet to build memories with his baby brother Albie.

“Archie will be sadly missed forever and leave a void in our broken hearts that we can never refill. His nanny and pops couldn’t have been prouder grandparents and Archie helped them both in more ways than he would ever know. He was the focus of their world.

“For a time Archie was the fifth generation of our family and cuddled lots by his great great nanny Doris. Archie, you will be loved today, tomorrow and always.”

Archie with little brother Albie

Nikki, who is a Ramsgate firefighter, says the funding is not for Archie’s funeral as Jake and Lauren, who are engaged to get married next year, want to fund this themselves. The couple are also coming to terms with the loss of Lauren’s cousin Michael Britt, a talented young footballer who passed away aged just 20 this week.

On the fundraising page Nikki says: “Archie’s contagious laughter and smiles, and contented nature still resonate deeply with everyone fortunate enough to know him. His absence is overwhelming and has come with the most unexpected blow felt by family, friends, and the countless lives he touched for such a tiny age.

“The challenges of adjusting to life without him will continue forever and a void will remain impossible to fill.

“Archie’s little brother Albie will never get to play with his big brother…. a family left devastated with a new future to rebuild, with many unanswered questions, with even more difficult days ahead as we come to terms with his death.

“I’ve created this GoFundMe to support time off work for Archie’s daddy Jake – there is no financial support nor time to grieve for bereaved fathers after losing a child. This will also go towards supporting Archie’s mummy Lauren during her ongoing maternity leave, allowing a fraction more time to adjust to a very different world.

“Nothing can replace Archie – this will allow Jake and Lauren to focus on healing and cherishing Archie’s memory without the added stress of financial hardship because of loss of earnings.”

Find the fundraising page by clicking here