Young Upton scientists explore light and force

Exploring light and force at Upton

Young scientists at Upton Juniors are feeling the force as part of their latest learning experiments.

Year 3 children embarked on a range of activities that explore the properties of light and force including investigating pushes and pulls in the classroom, making straw rockets and experimenting with a range of magnets and light sources.

Head of Year 3 Katie Vary said: “The Year 3 corridor was buzzing with excitement as the children immersed themselves in a number of different opportunities to explore a range of fun force and light related activities.

“This provided the perfect hook for the children to engage with our topic called Feel The Force-See The Light and to become familiar with it so they can refer back as their knowledge develops over the course of this term.”

Pupils will also discover a range of forces in action, including undertaking an experiment to test the friction that is produced on different surfaces.

They will also consider the properties of magnets and then turn their focus fully on to optics. Here they will understand how light enables us to see and they will also enjoy a visit from an optician who will speak about a range of topics including the dangers of UV rays to the eyes.

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