Two men sentenced for violent Cliftonville assault

Jake Chambers was jailed for 27 months.

Two men have been sentenced after carrying out a vicious assault in Cliftonville.

On Saturday 4 June 2022, a man attending a property in Edgar Road, Cliftonville was approached by two men in a communal area who violently assaulted him. The victim was left with multiple injuries including a facial fracture, swelling and bruising to the face.

An investigation by officers led to the arrest of Jake Chambers, 28, from Percy Road, Ramsgate and Mark Stannett, 45, of Edgar Road, Cliftonville, who were later charged.

Both men pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm and were sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court on Wednesday 29 November 2023.

Chambers was jailed for 27 months. Stannett was given an 18-month suspended sentence and ordered to complete 250 hours unpaid work [meaning he does not reach the threshold for a custody image to be released].

Detective Constable Matthew Burridge, of East Kent CID, said: ‘The victim in this case was subjected to a vicious assault which left him with significant injuries.

“There is never an excuse for violence in our communities and we will continue to do all that we can to ensure perpetrators are put before the courts.”


  1. Chambers has 26 convictions for 46 offences including 7 for battery and 1 for assault and imprisonment in 2020. Chambers and criminals like him need to locked away forever, they offer society nothing, they contribute nothing, they really are a waste of oxygen and resources..There is no justification for people like chambers to be part of society and live among the rest of us. It’s about time the UK started the three strikes rule so scum like chambers can never hurt anybody again.

  2. Occurred in Haterthley Court, the wonders of social housing, between this , burlington place and the development on the old tax office site, they must represent a decent percentage of cliftonvilles woes.

  3. Actually the UK DID have a version of “3 strikes and your out”, introduced by the last Labour government. ( You know, Labour” soft on criminals etc”)
    But slowly under the Tories, it has become discontinued and now just a few prisoners are left awaiting inevitable release as the Tories ( you know, the Tories, ” tough on crime”) have abolished the original law.

    • The Tories might be in power but for years they have pandered to the very vocal minority aka the woke left.

      The woke left have created a society where no one dares say anything for fear of being called a racist or bigot so the majority plod along in silence. The real bigots are the far left, they are the ones who cancel people they disagree with, they are the ones that shout down anyone who has an opinion that opposes their ideology.

      Left wing bigots are forcing their ideology on the majority and the silent majority are too scared to voice an opinion. Look at every advert on the television, there’s not a white married couple to seen, every single advert features a mixed race couple or gay couple although mixed race couples make up less than 10 percent of relationships. If you dare to question or oppose the mass illegal immigration your called a racist. When a crime occurs and the police are asking for help and witnesses they will always let you know when the perp is a white male but if the perp is any other race or religion there’s nothing about what they look like only the clothing they were wearing. When a foreign national commits a terrorist act they are always now classed as having mental health issues. The vast majority of the UK has had enough of being force fed woke policies.

      The woke left won’t be happy until we are a nation of cuckolds too afraid to say boo to a goose. Freedom of speech and expression is being eroded in the UK and it’s the far left that’s driving the oppression.

      • Haha, actor I know says his black colleagues wryly mention that the one area in which they are most likely to get work is advertising. Less to do with political correctness and more to do with extending the reach of products that have long been advertised by predominantly white actors. Companies may claim to be colour-blind or whatever but really all they want to do is to flog stuff to as many people as possible.

          • Perhaps it’s this statement:
            “The woke left have created a society where no one dares say anything for fear of being called a racist or bigot so the majority plod along in silence”
            Which clearly isn’t the case, because a dozen or more comments have been made here from both sides of the argument.

        • Well, MMR, ‘Concerned’ voiced very valid points with which you would never agree. You need to be investigated!!

      • “The Tories might be in power but for years they have pandered to the very vocal minority aka the woke left.”
        Firstly, “Woke” is so passé.
        Secondly, the Tories have, in fact, pandered to the very vocal minority aka the far right.
        Just look at Brexit and its consequences, driven by Cameron’s fear of Farage, UKIP, and the rabid ramblings of some of the back bench of Tory party.

      • I didn’t know trying to take homeless people’s tents & prosecute charities for providing them new ones, trying to send people to an unsafe country, sticking people on a Legionnaires’ ridden floating deathtrap barge, cramping in 2 or more times people into detention camps where disease spreads & multiple human rights violations taking place, trying to abolish human rights, more spying on people, more controlling what people can do, denying people translators & legal aid etc was pandering to the woke far left.

        • Suspended, are these the same poor people who have crossed the war zones of France, Germany , Holland and Italy to get here? The same poor destitute people who can afford to pay £10000 to cross the English Channel? The same poor people who have never contributed to the UK but expect free houses, a paid expense card and priority NHS treatment ?

          I don’t know what planet you live on but if I could afford it I would go on holiday to France, Germany and Italy, but definitely cannot afford to pay someone £10 thousand pounds in one go. I also work 60 + hours a week to just about pay for my house, and if I try to get a doctors appointment I get told no chance of seeing a doctor. If I go to the local A+E department I am also told to stand outside because they are full but when one of our new dinghy arrivals feels ill they are seen immediately with no waiting whatsoever (I have witnessed this fist hand at QEQM while my 70 year mother was made to wait outside in the cold while a boatload of illegally immigrants got seen immediately.

          Let’s not forget illegal asylum seekers who have been admitted to our schooling system as underaged children but their beards are three times the size of mine and their kids are also school age, and why was that allowed to happen ? That’s right because leftie lawyers argued that it’s against their human rights to have age identification checks.

          As for Rwanda, let’s also remember that it’s the far left lawyers who once again abuse the human rights laws to stop the removal of any illegal immigrants and then accuse the Tories of having a failed policy. Let’s just hope that if Labour do get into government that the Conservatives and their lawyers take every Labour policy to the courts, after all that’s fair isn’t it.

          Arrive on a boat illegally and you get access to housing, priority NHS treatment and spending money but if your a male uk citizen your given a tent and told to find somewhere safe another example of preferential treatment given to people who have no legal basis to be in this country. Would you call that fair ?

          The barge you talk about, is that the same barge that hard working engineers have previously called home? What about the army barracks that our own armed forces have lived in for years in worse conditions than our recent illegal arrivals and they have served their country. if the barracks are so bad why was you not complaining about the treatment that our military personnel receive ?

          Do you also agree with many of the left wing human rights lawyers who argue for dangerous criminals from foreign nations to be allowed leave to stay in our country even though they have committed heinous and vile crimes and are serial offenders?

          What about the last Labour government that gave us the ASBO, the so called revolutionary new deterrence that criminals used as a badge of honour. You’ve also got 7 year olds who can’t count to 10 or spell but are fully conversant in their human rights. Yet another example of the left wing ideology failing the UK.

          It’s because of community sentencing championed by the Labour Party with the agenda of keeping criminals in our communities that we are now witnessing teachers having to strike because they are petrified of kids as young as 7. The abuse of the human rights act has delivered us into a nation of people who are not afraid of the police, the courts or school teachers. Yes the human rights act reLly is beneficial to the UK isn’t it ? NOT

          • Hear, hear.
            Furthermore, and I quote a Mr Goodwin.

            As in America, the woke Left is reshaping society around an utterly divisive and unBritish worldview which contends that the country comprises only two competing groups: the morally inferior ‘oppressors’, including the white majority, Jews and basically all Western nations, and the morally superior ‘oppressed’ minorities, such as Muslims and other chosen minority groups.

            The woke Left argues that our history, identity and culture are ‘institutionally racist’, and a source of shame and embarrassment.

            They say that it should all be revised, if not fully ‘deconstructed’, or, in other words, overthrown.

            The woke Left also promotes a fundamentally flawed model of multiculturalism that fails to integrate racial groups into wider British society – it champions the differences among them instead of the shared values that bind us all.

            Over the last two decades, this warped worldview has captured some of the most important and influential institutions in our society – the universities, the BBC, much of the media, the creative industries, big corporations and cultural institutions.

            Even our primary and secondary schools are now infected with the woke Left’s divisive creeds, such as radical gender and ‘critical race’ theories which promote the idea that racism is entrenched in society and white people still have the whip hand.

            The woke Left and radical Islamism are not just feeding off one another but are, together, undermining British values that have prevailed for centuries.

            Their common cause comes from them sharing many worrying things in common.

          • Where does the 10k come from? The Daily Fail? It is regular people borrowing money from everybody they can think of to get here & risking their lives in the English Channel in horrendous weather in an over-crowed, non-seaworthy dinghy, or hoping they don’t suffocate in the back of lorries-I guess that is another ‘lifestyle choice’ like being penniless on the streets? Seeing as many of them work here, have families that have kept the NHS afloat it seems odd they shouldn’t be given the chance.

            I am sorry the foreigners landed their Dinghy on Margate beach the same day as your mother was unwell-no doubtasper the Daily Fail, Torygraph & Tory government most made straight to the Jobcentre to claim their 50 grand a week benefits & the others went straight to the hospital just to annoy the locals.

            This ‘boatload of ‘illegal immigrants’ perhaps were suffering from Hypothermia & seeing as doctors prioritise people based on the chances of them dying, could be why your mother had to wait for her unspecified issues? Assuming this was also during the height of Covid or a heatwave, which is why the hospital was overflowing?

            Let’s remember that Rwanda is a hellhole that will persecute people sent there & has been deemed unsafe by the Supreme Court-now Rishi wants to do away with human rights to get round it, which will of course effect your basic rights as well. Let us also remember that the Rwanda scheme costs far more then it would to process people here properly, Rishi is now bunging them another 15 million of taxpayer cash in desperation to get a plane taken off next year for a headline & that Rwanda can only take a couple of hundred people a year-so the useless barge that holds 500 is actually more meaningful, even though that holds less than arrive on certain summer days.

            Housing like being cramped into a camp at Manston-catching diseases, sleeping on cardboard boxes that then get taken away, being spied on by staff while going to the toilet, being sexually assaulted, being made to live outside due to the overcrowding that even Tory lifer Roger Gale condemned? What luxury!

            I think you will find it is more Brits attitude that hinders them-you know the drunk yobs who like the National Front, the constant rhetoric from the tabloids & right win media, the rhetoric from the Tories-who even deported fully integrated West Indians living here & paying taxes for decades-all for some cheap race-baiting headlines. Maybe the Tories closing down the language schools they attend doesn’t help either.

            What would you call Colonialism then? Something great for them? Perhaps keep dropping bombs on them-usually joining in with lunatics like Bush Jr to ruin these places & make them resent the west-remember any Muslim attacks on UK people prior to Bliar invading on false evidence? Do you think that keeps us safe, or makes people hate us? Of course as we saw with Afghanistan the US & UK having decimated these countries & made life there impossible then run away like cowards-even deserting those who helped them against Al-Qaeda, ISIS etc to their ‘mercy’ perhaps a change in western foreign policy might stop so many people wanting to come here?

            You will get no argument with me on the Universities, gender, critical race theory etc & how sad that robust debate & science is being deemed unpalatable by people-especially students who while always being left leaning have a long history of loving to debate people with different views & read ‘challenging’ material.

            Sadly radical Islam is being fostered by the west’s foreign policy & stance on things like the current conflict-where a genocide is being excused for the sake of money/trade-as they have going back decades. You can wipe out every Hamas soldier-but they will reform or start up a new group. When children see their parents being murdered, living under apartheid, being made into immigrants seeking a home & the west condones & supports it then they grow up wanting to fight back-we have had the PLO, Fatah & all kinds of Palestinian liberation groups, unless the attitude towards them changes & the western politicians choose morals over money then this problem will continue & make our own migration crisis & terror attacks here worse.

      • I don’t know which Britain you live in, but it certainly isn’t this one.
        You may not have noticed, but the Left, woke or otherwise, has not been in political power for over 20 years (I don’t include the Blair/Brown years as “Left”
        What this country currently is, is the culmination of decades of poor government from right-leaning parties.
        I’m curious to know of the centuries-old British values to which you refer. Slavery, droit du seigeur, debtors’ prison, work house?
        Or do you mean tolerance, charity, empathy?

        • One of Britain’s centuries old values was that of imperialism and empire building. For several centuries we’ve happily pillaged our way round the resources of the world to enrich ourselves. On the way we re-drew the political maps to suit our own purposes.
          Who can blame people living in these ravaged countries for wanting to seek a better life in the Mother Land?

          • Interesting marva/phyllis, should the uk also ask for reparations from the Scandinavian countries, the Italians, the Germans, Dutch and the the french??

        • The only reason I don’t think Richard Littejohn wrote that post, is because he/she didn’t say gone to hell in a handcart.

  4. 27 months and a suspended sentence……….absolutely pathetic!!! People want to feel safe in the community for goodness sake. I totally agree with Concerned. Well put that person 👍

    • I feel safe in the Community because in my day-to-day experience of shopping in town, or going out for a meal, I’ve never experienced nor seen violence. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, because clearly it does.
      Banging people up for decades is a knee-jerk reaction, pleasing to readers of some right-leaning tabloids, but very expensive and ineffectual. Statistics show that 75% of felons will offend again when released.

  5. Stannett was given an 18-month suspended sentence and ordered to complete 250 hours unpaid work [meaning he does not reach the threshold for a custody image to be released.

    He is however available to see via Google search & is just what you would expect him to look like.

  6. Joke sentencing, will be out next year doing the same things.
    Some of these ‘Tory boy’ comments are a joke too – funny but unreal with most dreaming that since 2010 with Brexit and multiple leaders the ‘con’-artists have done a wonderful job – Common now the whole country is in a total mess it will take decades to put right, if it ever can be – But hey lets blame everyone else. Unbelievable.

  7. Social workers, the NHS, teachers, the BBC, these are all institutions that the far left has controlled for decades. Universities are now becoming institutionally woke and cancelling anyone they disagree with. Freedom of speech is being eroded by the left and their cancel culture. You don’t have to be in power to steer the country towards your political viewpoints.

    We live in a country where councils, social workers, teachers and the police knew that young girls were being sexually abused but kept silent for fear of upsetting minority groups.

    Every time the Conservatives try to change the law the far left lawyers run crying to the European court of human rights and unsurprisingly the far left courts side with them. We live in an age where the woke have made the victims of crime have less rights than the criminals.

    I really do hope that when the Labour Party does take power that the Conservatives take every single law change that they propose to the courts. There has never been an age when so many new laws have been sent to the courts And government overruled.

    Woke social workers have argued for years that punishing children is wrong and look what’s happening now, feral children who have zero respect for authority figures, from their parents to the police they are not afraid of anyone and do what they want with no rear of punishment.

    We have vicious thugs living in our communities because our woke judicial system believes that criminals are allowed a right to a family and home life while their victims of crime live in perpetual fear.

    You might want to live life as a cuckold but the vast majority are sick of being told what to do, what to say by a very tiny minority.

  8. Phyllis, I was more referring to the fact that the woke left won’t be happy until white males are the butt of all jokes, pathetic men who accept they are lesser than other men, effeminate and sub male. You only have to look at TV advertising to see that white men are being eradicated from advertising and replaced by mixed race couples yet less than 10% of couples are mixed race (last census)

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