Arrest of 13-year-old in connection with attempted bike thefts

Image Kent Police

Neighbourhood officers have arrested a suspect in connection with reports of attempted bicycle robberies in Margate.

The Thanet Neighbourhood Task Force were carrying out both uniformed and plain-clothes patrols around the Northdown Park area on Friday 1 December when they saw a teenager crouched behind some bushes.

Due to recent reports of a person attempting to steal bicycles from teenagers through using threatening behaviour, officers became suspicious of the boy and made an arrest.

Kent Police received a report that at around 8.20am on Tuesday 28 November, an attempted robbery had taken place in Northdown Park Road.

Detectives are also looking into a similar report of an attempted robbery of a bicycle at around 8am on Thursday 30 November in Broadley Road.

A 13-year-old boy from Margate was arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery and taken into custody while enquiries continue.

As part of their investigations, officers are appealing for anyone with information regarding the attempted robberies to call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/212211/23.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete their online form.


  1. Where are the responsible adults of the 13 yr old? How is it that kiddies can be held responsible, yet their Parents / Teachers /Carers are let off? This suspected offence was on school day,so the Parents/carers were responsible to ensure he was going to school.

    • How on Earth is it the teachers responsibility ?
      Teachers have zero power to discipline children, even if they report the child to the parents or social services nothing ever gets done.

      ADHD although the cause and reason behind a wonderful array of behaviour and sometimes awesome quirks, it will not however make a kid (or an adult) try to aggressively steal a bike on multiple occasions.

    • 13y old attempted bike theft got arrested but in my case 16y old girl damaged my car by kicking dents and throwing stones at it all on camera had to send me an apology letter. Why one got away with it the other got arrested.

  2. You can imagine the defence at the court case. Delete as appropriate – “ADHD” / “Troubled upbringing”

    • Those are no defence. They might be mitigation.l, assuming this child is found guilty.
      What reassures me is that the police were aware of a problem, and took positive steps to deal with the situation; steps that resulted in a timely arrest.

  3. 13 is really young. Yep, 13 year olds can be real trouble but there are always, always reasons. Have you never heard a grown man sincerely apologising for their awful teenage behaviour once they, with a lot of help, have turned their lives around? It happens. Hope this kid gets help.

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