Walpole Bay tidal pool shut due to storm damage

Walpole Bay Photo Swift Aerial Photography

The Walpole Bay tidal pool in Cliftonville is closed after suffering damage during the stormy weather on Friday (November 24).

Ward councillor Barry Manners alerted swimmers over the weekend, saying: “One of the sea sluices appears to have been damaged during the recent storm. There is a danger of swimmers being dragged into the sluice which could easily result in serious injury or drowning.”

Photos John Edgley Bond

Thanet council says people must not enter the pool until further notice. The authority will carry out surveys this Wednesday November 2) on the pool, and also sea walls at Walpole Bay, St Mildred’s Bay and Minnis Bay which also suffered storm damage

The council says: “The necessary works will be undertaken as soon as possible. We will issue further communications once repairs have been undertaken and the Walpole Bay Tidal Pool is safe to use.”


    • Exactly. The idea of putting a pavilion on the prom there would be a complete waste of the proposed £1.8 million of the £22.2m Margate Town Deal money.

      I went along to the Walpole Bay Hotel on 9th October when plans were revealed and guess what – the architects are not even from this area!! And was astounded that people within TDC support the plan. But guess I shouldn’t be surprised – it is TDC. I did express my very strong opposition to the plans and reasons why.

      But how can a local born person living very close by, know better than the London based architects Curl La Tourelle? Wonder how much they got paid just to put together their plans?

      • Indeed. It is shades of the original plan for the Turner Gallery to be sited on the seaward side of Margate Pier.

        An experimental model was attached to the seabed – and sure enough it was washed up in the harbour a few weeks later following the first winter storm.

      • I might be wrong but I was under the impression that the new pavilion was going to be sited on the clifftop near the lift. There isn’t room for it on the lower prom and like you say it would only last until the next storm.

        • No, plans were for it to be on the prom so there could be changing facilities for those using the pool!!! As well as having café community rooms. Why build it on the prom when you already have the Indoor bowls and Walpole with rooms which can be used for community gatherings, as they are already.

          Such a waste of money.

  1. There’s also a part of the bridge above Newgate Gap that’s been missing for about six months. They’ll do the same with the pool as the bridge – stick a fence around it and leave.

  2. What will the DFLs do…
    Seriously tho don’t think any one will wait for TDC or it will end up like Winter Gdns et al.

  3. As long as the pool holds water people will swim in it. The repair work must take priority. We’ve already had one person dragged through a sluice gate summer before last. Since swimming in the pool year round is so popular TDC must get on with the repairs as a matter of urgency.
    I don’t think notices and fences will deter people from swimming in the pool….

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