Broadstairs Post Office at Paydens Pharmacy shuts for good

Broadstairs Post Office closure

Broadstairs Post Office- at Paydens Pharmacy on The Broadway – has shut permanently from today (November 27) due to the resignation of the operator.

A Post Office spokesperson previously said:  “The operator for Broadstairs Post Office has resigned and there will not be Post Office services provided at the premises from November 2023.

“We know how important Post Office services are to a community and the vacancy is being advertised on  We would welcome interest from local retailers.”


  1. please can you tell us what post offices are NOW open in Broadstairs, Ramsgate and Margate and their opening hours [including over thr holiday periods]

  2. Regretfully a further decline of facilities for the elderly and general public not forgetting businesses who are struggling to find a local bank to bank their takings. For Broadstairs it means a trip to Ramsgate or Margate.
    Lets hope that who ever takes over this franchise offers a service with a smile unlike many Post Offices that have been transferred this will also mean the loss of the post box.
    From my own local post office there is a maximum that business can bank in one transaction. They will not take letters unless the stamps are purchased from them.
    Things you do get are a surley non smiling service without a please, thank you and pleasant goodbye.

  3. I would not be surprised if no body wanted to open a post office when one considers the terrible way sub postmasters were falsely accused of theft by the post office because of the utter incompetence of the post office management especially the idiot woman who turned a blind eye to all the suffering suicides, and
    deaths the post office caused them.

  4. i completely agree with how rude and off handed the post office staff are , in ramsgate they think they are super important and are very unhelpful , its probably because its thier first little bit of power , and they are feeding off it !!

      • They’re always lovely at Ramsgate. Same 4 staff been there for years and never ever had an issue with any of them. Must be something about your communication style real world 🤣

    • In my experience, the Ramsgate post office staff are really lovely, super polite and very helpful. They do a wonderful job.

  5. Premier store on Beacon Road St Peter’s , opposite Cecilia Grove has a Post Office and helpful staff.

    • We’ve got a sub postoffice at the bottom of broadtairs high street, open all day , 7 days a week, it was Really Busy this afternoon.

    • Three post offices inside shops in Broadstairs, Londis, next to the Brown Jug and on Beacon Road/Westover Road. Nationwide is classed as a bank.

  6. Whsmith in Margate has a post office. Opened in it after the big one by the Cecil square traffic lights closed.

  7. Is there not a post office counter in Londis (?) at bottom of Broadstairs High Street, near to closed Rooks?

    We’re fortunate in Cliftonville as we have three –
    Holly Lane Post Office, in newsagent
    General store next to Co-Op on Palm Bay Estate, Cliftonville
    General store, next to Boots on Northdown Road, Cliftonville

    Lucky for us. Sorry to hear not one now available in Broadstairs – now very inconvenient.

    • Not too bad here in Birchington for a small place – a post office in one of the Co-Ops, and another one in Minnis Bay which opened last year.

  8. Oops – ignore last line above – as I was writing, hubby told me of the Londis one so I changed my comment but didn’t delete the the last line!

  9. Hi all,

    Broadstairs has 4 other Post offices

    High Street, Beacon road, Ramsgate Road (Dumpton) & Haine Cross Road (Inside Tesco)

    They can withdraw and deposit cash/cheques at any of the above Post offices for most major banks (36 infact) cash is paid into instantly with cheque normally within 3 to 5 working days.

  10. The londis post office counter at bottom of broadtairs high is brilliant because you can post a parcel or letter any time seven days a week!
    Unlike the post office that just closed .

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