Kerry’s Boutique in Broadstairs celebrates 10th anniversary

Celebrating 10 years of Kerry's Boutique

A Broadstairs clothes shop that caters exclusively for curvier ladies is celebrating its 10th anniversary today (November 22).

Kerry’s Boutique opened in 2013 after owner Kerry Smith decided to put an end to the ‘depressing experience’ of trying to find modern clothing in sizes above 14.

Kerry, from Margate, had just qualified as a teacher but says the difficulties of finding something nice to wear persuaded her to follow her other passion of fashion.

The 35-year-old said: “Ten years ago I qualified as a teacher, as a student I had worked at Evans. I am an overweight girl myself and found it hard to find nice, modern clothing. Everywhere stopped at size 14 so if you’re an 18 like me, it was a depressing experience to go shopping.

“Clothing was my passion and I could see there was a gap in the market for people who are curvier.”

Kerry set up the boutique at 54 High Street, Broadstairs, with the help of her parents. Her dad previously ran newsagent businesses with her grandfather and Kerry’s mum ran a beach café in Ramsgate.

After the first five years the business proved so successful that Kerry expanded by building backwards – where Crofts Place car park is located – to create a second ‘floor.’

The boutique focuses exclusively on sizes 14 to 32 and none of the items are mass produced.

Former Ursuline College student Kerry said: “We do not sell anything mass produced. In larger stores you will see curvier ladies all ending up with the same thing. Here, there are two or three pieces in one style. We import from around the world, including the Netherlands, Australia, America, and some British brands. Since Arcadia closed we have some of their Evans pieces but at cheaper prices than you would have paid.

“We cater for different budgets with items from £12 or going up to £35 for higher end products and target different ages with sparkly bits for Christmas for younger girls and more classic pieces for older ladies.”

Kerry says the store is thriving despite the closures enforced during the pandemic on so many businesses and many customers are loyal regulars.

She added: “I was amazed by a lady who drove from the other side of Bognor Regis, a five hour trip, just to come to my shop. She didn’t tell her husband how far it was and said she had never seen a shop like it.”

Kerry says her shop guarantees friendliness but also honesty, to make sure the customer buys what really suits them. She said: “If someone says what do you think and I do not feel it is nice I say ‘I think we can do better.’ It is not the body that is awful, just the wrong equipment so I go out of my way to find something that will look nice.”

Kerry’s Boutique can be found at 54 High Street, Broadstairs, or find the facebook page by clicking here


  1. Let’s hope that the mention of ”Plus size” or ”size 32” or ”curvier ladies” does not trigger somebody into accusations of ”fat shaming” . . .

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