Margate actor features in musical murder mystery due for release on Amazon

Tim features as headteacher Mr Friend in The Mystery Of Mr E (Copyright: Landrigan Entertainment Ltd.)

A musical murder mystery being released on Amazon next weekend features Margate-based actor Tim Larkfield.

Tim has the role of headmaster Mr Friend in The Mystery Of Mr E, written by award-winning crime novelist Sophie Hannah.

Sophie is most famous for penning the recent Poirot novels and her latest book, Poirot’s Silent Night, is currently a top-ten bestseller.

The new film, billed as the first ever musical mystery, centres on teen twin brothers John and George Danes – “The Generalists” – and a murder at Idlewyld House.

Tim, who has lived in Margate with partner Rob since 2017, said: “The lead characters are teenagers, kind of teen detectives, and the school plays an important role. It is in the grounds of a large country house, the people in the house are so rich they put the school where they wanted it!

“My character is the head teacher and he is a bit put upon and bossed about by some of the teachers and parents.”

Tim auditioned last year, initially for a different role, and filming took place last summer in Yorkshire and then a stint in October near Watford.

Tim said: “It was a really fun experience to do an independent production, the cast and crew were great and everyone is still in touch via WhatsApp.

“It was partly filmed at a big country house in Yorkshire which was a really beautiful location.”

Tim and Rob, who works for scientific academy, the Royal Society, had been splitting their time between London and their home in Westbrook until the pandemic when they decided to stay on the isle full-time.

Tim, 45, said: “We came down and really fell in love with the place. I divided my time between London and here for a couple of years but after the pandemic all the reasons not to move here full-time disappeared.”

Tim, who is also a freelance journalist, did not begin his professional acting career until his mid-30s despite a life-long love of drama.

Tim (right) with family at Dukes in Margate.

He said: “I have always loved acting since I was really small. My dad did amateur acting and I used to go to an amateur theatre group in south London a long time ago.

“I always wanted to do professional acting but didn’t get the chance until I was in my 30s and joined a theatre school in King’s Cross.

“It was full-time but spread across evenings and weekends to allow you to continue working so there were people of all backgrounds and experiences.

“I fulfilled my life-long dream to act professionally from my mid-30s and would say it is never too late to get into what you want if you have the will.

“The drama school and working at the same time was the best thing I ever did, I loved it and now do work on stage, screen and voice-overs.”

Tim has been taking part in ongoing acting training with the Acting Lounge in Canterbury and recently performed his one-person show based on the life of film director James Whale as part of the Making More Waves East Kent Scratch Night Showcase, run by Thanet-based organisation Looping The Loop.

Tim hopes that with support from organisation Applause, which helps develop creative opportunities in the community, he will be able to tour the show across Thanet and Kent.

A hope for the future is also to set up an amateur dramatics group in Thanet.

Tim and the cast and crew of The Mystery of Mr E will be at the Curzon in Soho this Saturday (November 25) for the premiere screening of the film.

The film will be released on Amazon the same day.


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