Police enquiries to track down driver after cyclist injured in Ramsgate

Emergency services at the scene

Police are investigating a ‘hit and run’ incident in Ramsgate yesterday (November 15).

A  vehicle collided with a cyclist near Waitrose in Queen Street – at the junction with Elms Avenue –  at around 4pm.

When police and paramedics arrived at the scene, the motorist had left. The woman cyclist was taken to a local hospital.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a report of a collision between a car and a bicycle in Queen Street, Ramsgate shortly after 4pm on Wednesday 15 November.

“Officers attended along with South East Coast Ambulance Service (Secamb) and the cyclist was taken to a local hospital.

“The car involved was not at the scene when officers arrived and enquiries to locate the driver are ongoing.”

Secamb has also been contacted for further details.


  1. Is this another illegal driver most likely no insurance etc or D&D driver there are so many about now my Nextdoor neighbours one has nothing even a drug taker I’ve only just found out 20 minutes ago from person I’m speaking to as well as writing this will inform police e as soon as finish call I’m on its disgustin I hope the lady riding the cycle is not hurt badly. And we have no colour or mak6of car what chance of catching diver!!.!

    • Fortunately there’s plenty of CCTV in town. And at that time of day – school leaving time – there will have been a number of people about.
      Let’s hope that this appalling driver is caught.

  2. This incident aside I’m fed up with cyclists who go to the front of traffic at lights or roundabouts, if they have been passed legally they should not undertake any vehicles to do so they have moved to within a metre or less and are basically a nuisance.

    • Anon the Advanced Start box are there to give cyclists an even chance of not being hit by traffic overtaking them. I was a cyclist for 27 years, and had been knocked off twice by careless drivers. Now there is another scourge, and thats people on bikes riding on the pavements, as if e-scooters weren’t bad enough!

  3. Nice person you are, just the sort that should leave Thanet and lessen the scum population, not all traffic lights and no roundabouts have boxes, so put on your Lycra and ride away.

    • Your a Pillock Anon, why are you so bitter and twisted as we used to call people like you in the army at least over 60 years ago when I was in it!

  4. Join your mate and clear off Dumpton, all I said was that cyclists should not undertake at certain places, if that’s all it takes to turn you both into aggressive morons you should seek help.

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