Court grants closure order on Birchington flat over anti-social behaviour complaints

Closure notice on the flat in Birchington

Officers from the Thanet Community Safety Unit have successfully secured a Property Closure Order against a residential flat in Stone Barn Avenue, Birchington, following numerous complaints of anti-social behaviour originating from the address.

The Order, which was granted by Folkestone Magistrates Court yesterday (November 15), prohibits anyone other than the emergency services and the housing company from entering the address for a period of three months. This was achieved through collaborative working between Kent Police, Orbit Housing, and the local community.

Beat officer PC Steven England said: “ This highlights our commitment to investigate reports of anti-social behaviour and the range of powers available to us to limit the impact on the wider community.

“Compliance with the Order will be monitored, with a power of arrest available should anyone breach it.”


  1. That person / persons could be heading for your road soon .Should be made to live in a tent ,until they know how to behave

  2. But this is Birchington.This is Pink Checksfield land.They don’t have anti social behaviour there.
    Don’t tell me it’s him.

  3. And there’s me being told Birchington was the best place to live in the UK. As nothing happens there . How the times have changed.

  4. You disappoint me Phylis Quot and George Nokes making silly comments on a serious issue. Residents obviously have suffered greatly from matters highlighted in this news item.

    • No more disappointing than receiving constant homalies from Checksfield that Birchington is somehow blessed with righteous people.
      The fact is that ASB can be deleterious wherever you live,and it happens everywhere.
      If you and Checksfield stop making silly value judgements every time something happens on the isle, we won’t remind you of what sometimes happens in Birchington.

      • George Nokes. Me making ‘silly value judgements’? Plot calling kettle! I’m merely stating that you are making facetious comments about a serious problem that many people face everyday. You seem to think I live in Birchington I don’t know what gave you that idea.

    • Several-perhaps most- readers of this site have had enough of Peter Checksfield’s starry-eyed comments about Birchington and his absurdly exaggerated insulting views on, for example, Ramsgate.

    • Erm. Isn’t it a dact that Ms Braverman (when she was Home Secretary) was proposing legislation that would make it illegal for charities to hand out tents to homeless people, and for those people to live in them?

  5. I used to really enjoy reading the comments on here relating to the various issues raised in the articles. But lately it seems to be a constant stream of vitriolic point-scoring and inane comments that have nothing to do with the article in question. I don’t know why Kathy doesn’t just close down the comments section. It must be incredibly tedious to have to trawl through them.

    • Totally agree, I’ve encountered this problem and seriously considering unsubscribing from IoT altogether because of the childish behaviour.

    • I think Kathy Bailes should close the comments sections. After all, newspapers made of actual paper just have a few letters on a letters page.

      • Only if you promise to write into the letters pages every day, Ms. Rees. Don’t know what I’d do without your wonderful contributions! : (

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