Falcons Kickboxing Club celebrates two new champion titles

Head coach Mark White with champs Aston and Cleo

The Falcons Kickboxing Club are celebrating two new champion titles following a competition in Chippenham.

The club, which is based in The Old Barn Hartsdown Park, Margate, was represented at the Hero of the Hall event on November 4 by Aston Young,14; Zachary Evans,13; Cleo Musslewhite,12; Esmay Amini,11 and ten-year-old Vinnie Young.

Aston Young was fighting for the Junior WRSA (World Ring Sports Association) World Title which consists of seven, 1.5 minute rounds and Cleo Musslewhite was fighting for the Junior WRSA Area title which consists of five,1.5minute rounds. The rest of the Falcons team were competing in three bout fights.

In the world title fight, Aston (Tango) Young, faced Belgium’s finest – Achraf Boujadaini, who was slightly heavier and had a very good height advantage. However, this didn’t faze the determined Tango, who set straight to the task with fantastic movement, hand and leg combinates.

Achraf was not letting Aston have his own way, using his reach the Belgium opponent also had his successes.

However, within every round Aston was setting the pace, using his speed and technical ability to overcome Achraf. The seven x 1.5 minute rounds were full contact action and the two athletes delighted the crowd with all the excitement that a world title fight should offer.

After the final bell the announcement came and Aston Young from The Falcons Kickboxing Club was crowned the New WRSA  Junior World Champion.

Next up for the Falcons Kickboxing Club was Cleo Musslewhite -another title contender, this time it was for the WRS Area Junior Title.

Cleo had trained hard for the opportunity and the Margate girl  was not going to let it pass. The contest was set for five x 1.5 minute rounds of full contact action against her opponent Caitlin Charles.

Cleo was just coming off the back of a couple of very convincing wins and was determined to bring this title home.

The bell rang for the first round and Cleo was straight across the ring not giving Caitlin a second to settle herself. A barrage of punches and kicks came Caitlin’s way and this continued until the power and commitment from Cleo was just too much, it was down to the referee to step in and start a standing eight count. He concluded Caitlin was unable to carry on and Cleo clinched a TKO victory, becoming the new WRSA Junior Champion.

Other fight team members also had great success on the night. Zachary Evans won his first full contact contest and Esmay Amini had a fantastic first night show performance narrowly missing out on the decision. Vinnie Young, showing skill way above his age, won his first contest and then took a second fight on the night to help a fellow fighter.

Head coach Mark White and senior instructor Kate White said: “We are so very proud and over the moon with what our team has achieved.

“Putting their lives on hold for eight weeks prior to the fight and training six days a week is not easy, especially for the juniors when their friends are out having fun and these guys are training hard.

“They have shown great dedication and determination and we couldn’t ask for any more which was definitely shown on the day. These four are fantastic role models for the younger and older members of the Falcons team. Aston and Cleo, along with the other team members, have shown that hard work and dedication does get results and this is why they are champions of The Falcons Kickboxing Club.”

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  1. Congratulations to all who participated in this event your parents and Mark and Kate should be very proud of you all but most of all be proud of your self’s

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