Monkton pupils celebrate Black History Month and create museum

Monkton youngsters created a museum for parents and carers to visit

Pupils at Monkton C of E Primary School have celebrated Black History Month by dedicating a week’s learning to the topic.

Their week ended with them creating a marvellous museum to show their work and teach their parents and carers the things they had found out.

The children came together to find out about inspirational Black people of the past and how they can be inspired by them to achieve great things. The children in Key Stage 2 used their courage to put on presentations for the younger children.

Pupils at Monkton C of E Primary School can now tell you all about people such as Walter Tull (the first Black army officer and one of the first Black footballers) and many more. One Year 3 pupil said: “Simone Biles worked so hard at gymnastics and now I am going to work just as hard to get my medals.”

A highlight of the week was the ‘Black History Museum’ the children created for their parents and carers to visit after school. The parents and carers were invited into the school hall to see all the art projects, writing tasks and other work produced throughout the week. One parent said: “It was a lovely museum. Very colourful and very informative.” While Edie added: “My nan loved it.”

Head of History, Jessica Bax, added: “We have been so proud of the children during this week. They have shown a real desire to learn about inspirational Black people of the past and have really drawn on their compassion to consider their struggles. Our museum was a great opportunity for our pupils to showcase the wonderful things they do here at Monkton C of E Primary School!”


    • You mean like you praised the enthusiasm and hard work of the people who made those poppy displays? Oops, apologies – you didn’t.

    • What would such praise mean if one has not personally seen any of it?
      When I was at school “discriminating” was an adjective applied to persons making serious choices based upon serious analysis.
      “Black History Month” is a ridiculous idea for the British Establishment to have adopted. At best it’s tokenism. At worst it’s anti-indigenous race discrimination. The current B.B.C. series on the Australian Wars is a perfect example. All of this pro-melanin programming shows events and people with little context. That context, that much older folk know well, would put a very different slant on what is being taught.
      If Europeans, Indians and Moors had not spread geographically, genetically and culturally the continents of Africa, and the Americas would still be inhabited by aboriginal peoples and their cultural practices. No recorded knowledge. Slavery and, human sacrifice as a normal holiday event. If you don’t believe it, read Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs & Steel” and think about a very different world.

      • Jared Diamond thinks that modern civilization is a mixed blessing and that indigenous societies in some parts of the world are superior to more technologically advanced societies in several ways. His opinions are formed by decades spent with indigenous tribes.

        • Precisely.
          Which highlights the stupidity of this supposedly sophisticated tokenism within our own “civilisation”. Mary Seacole, etc. may be great for varsity academics to focus their studies on, but their achievements are not things uniquely “Black” that a White person could not have done. I’m now going to say something that those academics will probably call for my prosecution for saying.
          The Black people we should be making a fuss about are Lennox Lewis, Daley Thompson, Fatima Whitbread, Nicola Adams, Freddie Mercury, Shirley Bassey, Lenny Henry, Trevor McDonald, etc. Whose genetics and behaviour has made them the top of the world in their chosen fields AND beloved of the British people. Without any artificial support because of their being “Black”. Even though they came from relatively poor backgrounds.
          Whilst the likes of Trevor Phillips, Diane Abbott & Mos Shogbamimu are self interested parasites who produce nothing for Britain. Just decry it.

          • You do seem obsessed with Wales, Peter?
            Were you a Welsh minor, perhaps? Was your home fire burning?
            Did you have anything to do with Rosie Probert and lipstick?
            Did you try and join Côr Godre’r Aran, but they were only interested in male members?
            How are you with sheep?
            I think we should be told.

          • Can we give this a rest please. I have a partner in hospital and am having to work and do hospital runs. I just don’t have the time to keep fielding these comments at the moment and would appreciate a 2 week truce rather than having to shut comments on every new article

  1. I don’t understand how there can ever be a ” History Month” without the context of everything else. Nothing has happened in a vacuum.
    We’re not going to achieve an integrated society whilst ever we selectively promote one part of it.

    • Oops! IoTN’s spam filter removed part of my message.
      It should have had similar to this:
      ‘… ever be a ”(insert label of your choice) History Month” ‘

    • It would be interesting to know whether any fairly recent history curriculum has been based purely on the history of white Europeans. Perhaps a history teacher could enlighten us .

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