Refunds to be made as devastated organisers unable to reschedule Quex fireworks event


The new organisers of the Quex Park fireworks event say they are devastated that the display was unable to go ahead yesterday (November 4)

A decision was made shortly before the event car park would have opened that it was not safe to go ahead due to poor conditions caused by bad weather.

It had been hoped to reschedule the event run by the Cain’s Amusements family business but they say this has not been possible and ticket-holders will be issued full refunds.

In a statement on the Quex Fireworks facebook page they say: “ We’re very sorry (yesterday) didn’t happen as planned. After careful consideration, we are unable to offer a new date for this event in the near future. Therefore, we will be issuing full refunds to everyone who purchased tickets.

“As a team and an event family, we are truly devastated that we were unable to deliver the event that we dreamed of.

“We understand your frustration at the timing of the announcement, but we were trying everything to deliver a safe event with as little disruption as possible, but in the end, this could not be done.

“We will be back stronger than ever and will try to give you the best and safest event in 2024.”



  1. It was very wise and sensible to cancel the event for public safety. No one can criticise the organisers for that. In the news today there is a item of news where a fireworks display did go ahead and the wind blew fireworks in to the crowd resulting in injuring adults and children.

  2. I completely agree that it was cancelled. But the fact that storm Ciàran hit on Thursday I would have thought that would have been a fair indication that there may be need to cancel.
    This time of the year is so unpredictable weather-wise as has been shown in previous years when KentEvents were the organisers. The difference being that KentEvents would maintain right up to gates opening that it was going ahed. At which point they would announce their decision to cancel. However KentEvents kept all the money from tickets! This has happened a few times and is the reason I do not book Quex Fireworks tickets!
    Well done Cains for considering public safety and being honest!

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