Storm Ciarán: Fundraiser launched after tree smashes into and pierces vehicle which is full-time home

Aaron needs to get the motorhome which he lives in repaired following the storm damage (main photo Frank Leppard)

When a branch pierced through the roof of Aaron Waterer’s motorhome in the early hours of Storm Ciarán yesterday (November 2) the damage was not just to a vehicle but to his full-time home.

Aaron had been sleeping in camper in Callis Court Road, Broadstairs,  when he got up for a drink of water at the same time as the branch pierced through the roof and on to the bed where he had been laying moments before.

He said: “I had literally just woken up and decided to jump out of bed and get a glass of water when it happened.”

He is currently sofa surfing at the home of his friend Nicholas but needs to repair the roof and replace waterlogged items, such as the bed.

The 47-year-old, who served five years in the Army, has been living in his motorhome for the last four months after making a decision to go mobile so he can save for a deposit on a home of his own.

The maintenance engineer is insured but says a full claim will push up the cost of his cover.

He said: “The tree is still in (the motorhome) at the moment so I have got to look at the damage and try and get the tree out. The bed is soaked through because of all the rain coming in so I will have to replace that.

“I was caught up in the rental market where I was paying nearly £1000 per month. I’d given the landlord some £50k over the last five years so I decided I was going to put money aside, move into my motorhome for five or six years and save up my deposit.

“The motorhome has everything I need, shower/toilet, sink, kitchen, I can live pretty much ok.

“It has MOT and tax so I can park anywhere. I park different places every night and I don’t go in front of houses.”

Aaron, who is also currently studying an engineering degree with Open University, says he hopes repairs to the motorhome won’t take too long  so that life can “go back to normal.”

Photo Frank Leppard

Friend Michael Paul has set up a fundraising page in a bid to help Aaron get his home fixed.

On the page Michael says: “In one fell swoop, Aaron’s home was destroyed by a tree.

“As storm Ciaran raged on, the remaining part of the tree then collapsed onto the vehicle, leaving whatever chance of salvaging Aaron’s home gone with the wind.

“Aaron is studying an engineering degree at university to further his career and as part of this process, took to mobile living so he was able to finance this endeavour. Now the loss of his home may jeopardize this.

“I am a life-long friend of this Army veteran and want to help him back on the road.”

Yesterday’s storm hit parts of Kent, including Thanet, with gusts of 85-100 mph hammering the coast. Thanet experienced some damage to buildings, fallen trees and branches and disruption to rail services.

Find the fundraising page by clicking here



  1. Very lucky man. I know there are a lot of people living in their motorhomes in Thanet and no doubt many others throughout the UK

  2. A fully insured permanent home that could have been moved away from any possible hazard’s.
    If only there had been some warnings about a storm approaching.

  3. i had storm damage , no one has offered to crowd fund me ,and it appears this individual has insurance , thats what its there for

    • ” no one has offered to crowd fund me”

      Wonder if its because your attitude irl is the same as you present to us all on here, per chance?

  4. I’ve got sympathy but why on Earth does he have a crowd-fund set up?
    He has a job, he has savings and he is a grown-up.

  5. Sorry, but pay out of your own money or claim on the insurance. You are talking a mattress and some fibreglass for the roof. Will be 500-1000 all in. When will people stop expecting everyone else to foot the bill for them. Crowdfunding is not for this sort of thing. The man has savings as he has stated he is saving to buy a house and he has a job, to be honest ask others for help here is pathetic! Put your hand in your own pocket and pay for what is needed, and stop asking for others who may be worse off than you for help. Rant over, but the nerve or asking for help here has really annoyed me. You were stupid enough to park under a tree in a storm

    • and you assume aaron set up the fund? no it was someone else, another army veteran. he never asked for anything but enjoy being a troll

      • Grow up Nick, they are asking for 5k, that is more than likely 10 times what it will cost to fix. How is being a troll saying that someone should be prepared to fund there own life, or claim on the insurance. Donate if you wish, the joke is on you.

  6. Flashband over the hole, Screwfix/Toolstation/B&Q/Wickes £12.99 and I’ve seen mattresses go for free on Facebook market place – then patch up the inside at your own leisure.
    I’d be back in that the next night if it was my one and only home.

  7. You are working,have savings and insurance in place,but still want others to finance repairing your van,which you can easily do yourself.
    I have no doubts,there will be some mugs out there,willing to finance him.As Catherine Tate’s nan would say”What a f..king liberty”.

  8. He may as well claim off his insurance, as he should inform them regardless if he makes a claim or not, as it may invalidate his insurance.
    The question they ask is any claims, accidents or incidents in the last 5 years, this is clearly an incident which has been widely reported.

  9. Some of the people who have left comments on this story need to take a step back and examine their conscience.

    If you don’t walk in another man’s shoes then spare him the personality profiling. Time and again, the “such a shame” comments appear on these pages, in relation to mental issues. What would it do to you as the individual in this report, and then to read these comments. Wear your poppy and wave your flag, but also remember those whom you have judged of whom you know nothing!

    • I a veteran .
      I neither wear a poppy or wave any flag – your point ?
      Are you labelling this gentleman with mental issues?

      • Where did I say the individual had mental health issues? Why don’t you read comments carefully before making accusations against others.

        • ” Time and again, the “such a shame” comments appear on these pages, in relation to mental issues.”


  10. Thank you for your profiling
    A question was raised , no accusation made on my behalf-actually apart from your good self .
    You are as entitled to to your opinions as are others .Those who wish to donate to the fundraising will do as such I’m sure
    Whats “the wear a poppy and wave a flag” about?

  11. The .gov website states that the MOT for this vehicle expired on 20th October. Possibly the site has not been updated yet, thought I’ve never had an MOT take so long to show up myself.
    It would be nice to get an update on this story to clarify.

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