Royal Albion Hotel in Broadstairs scraps ‘no cash’ policy

Pub and hotel manager Marc Duvauchelle

Cash will once again be accepted at the Royal Albion Hotel in Broadstairs after a rethink of its no cash policy.

On January 30 the venue went to a cashless model but the move split opinion with many people saying they should have a cash or card choice for payment but others saying cash is rarely used anymore.

The Shepherd Neame venue said at the time that card payment was faster, meaning staff had more time to serve customers.

But Royal Albion Hotel General Manager Marc Duvauchelle says this will now be reversed with ‘immediate effect.’

He said: “While the majority of our transactions at the hotel are by card, we are aware that our decision to introduce a cashless policy at the start of the year has caused inconvenience to a number of customers.

“It is important to us to offer the best customer experience possible, so following a review of our policy we have taken the decision to re-introduce cash transactions with immediate effect.”


    • It wasn’t management its a colleague who said it didn’t work and hes guzzling up the glory of it

  1. At last a wee bit of common sense. How daft to not accept cash. I have stopped using Sainsburys due to the mad self service policy of mainly card payment. It is an infringement of our legal rights to not accept cash as it has been a tried and trusted means of payment for many centuries . I and many of my friends will no longer use any business that is card only 🫢

    • Didn’t know they had stopped. Likely it will end up like a while back when they made one of their stores in London I believe self-service tills only, about six months later they had lost so much custom they opened up one or two tills again.

      They couldn’t help but blame the customers of course-saying some people just weren’t ready for self-service experience, rather than coming up with a stupid & callous way to sack people-while posting record profits. The reality is most people don’t want self-service for several reasons-they prefer humans & a chat & of course you don’t have the problem of the machine shouting at you about wrong item in bagging or whatever.

      This is of course now a country where the government think it is beholden on shoppers to stop thieves-even though it would be a crime to do so in most cases & risk getting stabbed/assaulted-all to protect somebody nicking a 100 quid telly, or some food to help the CEO’s making 5 million a year & who knows what the owners make?

  2. Excellent and a step up from the Yarrow Hotel who still insist on card payments only – even for guests.

    • Of course-we all predicted this would happen when they announced it & the only inconvenience is for for them. They didn’t give a damn about the inconvenience it caused their customers, but after seeing their profits diminishing throughout the year have done a U-turn.

      Of course, as per usual with these big companies & trendies, their statement pretty much blames the cash customers for making them go back on an idiotic decision that Stevie Wonder could have seen wouldn’t work.

      • Nice one me old checkers, by the way, have you had chance to listen to Jethro Tull yet? As I recall someone allegedly in the music business had never heard of them, but I m sure they didn’t fit your narrow field of expertise. Have a listen to their first album and a track called dharma for one…. true musicians mate.

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        • I’m confused.
          Are you, Peter Checksfield, telling people not to call you “Peter Checksfield”? Or are you, Peter Checksfield, telling people not to call you “Ms Pink”?
          Or something completely different?
          Is Peter Checksfield stalking Ms Pink, or vice versa?
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          I think we should be told.

  3. My financial transactions are between myself and one other. A third party having to allow my transactions is a big step-backwards for freedom. Thank you for the wise reversal of your decision Royal Albion and I look forward to being your customer. Long live cash!

  4. Small alteration but good for people using the hotel for things like an afternoon coffee or quick pint. Outbreak of common sense. Whatever next?

  5. One problem with a cashless society is that it gives the state the power to keep tabs on people, it is sinister and should be resisted.

    • Pretty much every person carries around a phone that tracks them 24/7, CCTV everywhere, GCHQ etc logging our calls & internet activity, all manner of electronic gadgets people have or wear that track them & can even record their conversations etc.

    • In 2020, £50 billion was transact3d using cards.
      Do you really, really think that there’s an army of minor Civil Servants ferreting away in Government basements checking up on Bob Hutton’s spending?
      Far more sinister is using an Android Smartphone.

  6. I would never use anywhere that insisted on paying by card only! Time and again the queues in supermarkets, shops etc is held up by some idiot that doesn’t have enough cash on their card, or can’t find their card! Cash is quicker, and as for paying by machines is concerned, I was gratified to see an official statistic a little while ago, that said shop lifting had gone up by 400% due to them! Bring back Checkout staff!

  7. I believe the problem for many businesses is where do you bank the cash as many branches have closed , you can use the machines in supermarkets to convert coins in to notes or to credit your debit card but they have a hidden commission that a lot of people don’t realise, I suppose if you are a business and you want to get rid of cash taken at the till you would spend it at the wholesales like brookers .

    • They just want to get rid of as many staff as possible to maximise their obscene profits for the owners/CEO’s/shareholders. I think the Tesco CEO still got around 5 million & he would have had more-but he was ‘punished’ over his bonus for missing some targets. But let’s sack some minimum wage cashiers & shelf stackers.

  8. Ah yes-cash is not hip anymore. Then they find out their profits go down & reinstate it. Go woke, go broke.

  9. It’s about time common sense it’s our right to use cash businesses that refuse cash are breaking the law supermarkets are cutting back in jobs in favour as some comments from the younger generation you can get illnesses from cash what rubbish the banks are the culprits with attempts to become cashless my local Morrisons on Margate they have signs on some service tills card only they should be removed these companies know what they are doing breaking the law and our rights to use cash cash is king

  10. Another victory for people power!

    Well done to all the customers who gave this place a miss throughout this failed experiment

  11. Cash is best, but the system is to busy trying to control all financial issues, but cannot control cash. Card payment has got to be a right little earner in transaction fees, viva cash!

  12. When I was young I would stand outside a security van . Shout my payroll no and out would come a small envelope with my weeks wages. Now I had to stretch that for 7 days . No plastic back then but now you hand over your card tap it on this machine. Only until the statement arrives do you realise just how much you have spent .

  13. Of course not influenced by the cashless pub in Brighton that had to close its doors at 9pm on a busy Saturday when it’s computer based card system failed…

  14. I can see this French DFL manager reintroducing card only again in the busy summer months – it’s got nothing to do with what the customer wants – just more bullcrap from someone new to the area with big ideas that has no clue – Broadstairs is full of them now days.

    • Cash can be carried or saved and used in most places at this present time. Any internet breakdown or power cut can affect card payment machines. Cash is a tried and trusted method of purchasing items and has worked efficiently for many centuries. One can buy or sell items anywhere without fear or favour with cash if you have enough of it. If it becomes card only it will rapidly change to a digital currency , monitored by a Central Banking system. It may not be slavery but quite possibly easy to control and people will immediately lose any privacy they once had and took for granted 💀💀💀

  15. Should concentrate more on their, food, quality and service than how somebody pays. The best site in Broadstairs currently being run into the ground!

  16. Coincidentally, this item appeared this morning in a daily blog that I subscribe to in Southern Spain, there are several practices outlawed in Spain that could well do with being adopted in the UK:

    Consumer Affairs warns of illegal practices in bars and restaurants: {Translation, summary}
    – Offering the menu only by QR code, not including VAT in prices, refusing to accept cash or to deny free tap water, these are not permitted.
    – These are illegal practices in restaurants and bars which, once detected, can be the subject of a complaint or denunciation to the appropriate Consumer Administration.
    – Can the bar or restaurant offer its menu only through QR codes? No, the prices of food and beverages and the services offered must be displayed to the public by means of food and beverage menus and/or price lists. Other means such as murals, blackboards or similar, which must display the information in Spanish, are also allowed.
    – The separate charging of an extra amount for cutlery or service is illegal. The prices of off-menu products, like any other product offered in the establishment, must be clearly and visibly displayed in advance. Prices must always be complete, so it is not legal practice for prices on the menu not to include VAT.
    – The establishment may never force customers to leave a tip or take advantage of the illegal concept of service charge for the compulsory payment of a tip.
    – If the consumer contacts the bar or restaurant to make a reservation, it is prohibited for the establishment to charge an additional amount for this, although an amount may be requested in advance, which would be deducted from the final price paid.
    – Hotel and catering establishments cannot refuse to accept cash payment – although the maximum limit for cash payment is limited by law to 1,000 euros. However, they are not obliged to make card payment available, but they must inform consumers of this.
    – If paying by card, it is illegal for the establishment to charge an additional fee for the use of a particular debit or credit card.
    – Charges for bread service, snacks and the like are legal as long as they are clearly and visibly disclosed in advance by the establishment and included in the price list advertised to consumers.
    – The invoice issued by the establishment after the service has been provided must contain a detailed breakdown of the items consumed.
    – It is possible that the price for consumption at the table or on the terrace may be different, but consumers must be informed of this difference beforehand, and it must be advertised on the menu, price lists and in any advertising medium used.
    – The expression ‘price according to market’ for certain products is expressly prohibited. In the case of charcuterie, cheese or other products that can be cut from a main product, offers shall be made to the public by unit weight. In the case of molluscs or crustaceans, offers shall be made either by weight or by unit. In the latter case, the number must be indicated.
    – An illegal practice regarding the request for water. For example, if the consumer asks for tap water and is informed that only bottled water can be purchased, this would be in breach of current regulations. Hotel and catering establishments must always offer the possibility of consuming unbottled water free of charge.
    – On the Consumo Responde website (, there is a section detailing irregular practices in hotels and restaurants. Source, Spanish:

  17. Parkdweller, Many thanks for sharing the detailed breakdown of SPANISH GASTRONOMY regulations and the links of course.
    Very enlightening. Must say I never have had a bad experience in the 40+ years travelling to Galicia, my wife being Spanish is helpful, I guess 😏

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