Council refuses flats and retail units plan for hand car wash site in Northdown Road

Hand car wash site in Northdown Road (at time of auction in 2021)

Plans to demolish the car hand wash site on Northdown Road, at the corner with Athelstan Road, and build  a block of 20 flats with two ground floor retail units have been rejected by Thanet council

The site, which is adjacent to the Pettman Repository Building that was once the home of Resort art studios, was previously a petrol station. In recent years it had become the subject of complaints due to flytipped rubbish being left at the site.

In 2021 the property was offered at auction and there was planning permission in place for two commercial units and 21 two-bedroom flats.

The latest application was for 13 one-bed and 7 two-bed flats and 2 ground floor retail units with associated refuse stores, storage and landscaping following demolition of existing workshop.

The proposed new building would have been an L-shaped block, four storeys high fronting Northdown and Athelstan Roads with a lower ground floor accessed from a ramp down from the latter.

The application, by Ang Construction Ltd, proposed 20 cycle spaces but no car parking area.

Thanet council has rejected the proposal on grounds including an overconcentration of one-bed units “within a deprived and transient area” and that some of the flats would be of an unacceptable standard due to their size.

The decision notice also says insufficient information has been submitted about the management of surface water and that the proposed building was “in an incongruous, bulk and dominant form of development, that would detract from the appearance of the existing terrace and the wider conservation area.”

The decision notice also says the applicant has failed to enter into a legal agreement or provide an appropriate amount and mix of affordable housing  and the build would result in increased demand for on street parking in an area where there is existing pressure.


  1. The refused application would mean someone in council has an acquaintance or relative whi has plans for the site.

    • Most of the big houses in this area have no parking. Yet you still let this go ahead creating the problems today.

    • Lets hope the same rationale applies to the councils eventual plans for the old Oasis building, parking at that end of Edgar Road is almost impossible at times , especially since Hatherley Court closed closed their carpark leaving 15 plus flats with nowhere to park off road.
      And so convert the building into 4 houses rather multiple smaller units.

    • Was planning permission given for ,change of use of some shops in Ramsgate ,to flats ,that had no parking spaces, recently.If so TDC makes rules up as they go

      • Given the shops are still there, including the ones who did crowdfunders for their “move”…doesn’t look like it, Ray.

  2. At last TDC make a good planning decision, it about time they started to say no to over development I the whole of the Thanet area before there is no green space separation between the towns and village that make the Island so special to those that were born and have lived there most of their lives

  3. I agree with Cllr Lewis possibly for the very 1st time :P. Compared with the monstrosity recently allowed opposite Dreamland, pushed through by the then Tory leader of the Council what’s his face? Historically what was there previously, houses?

  4. Ang Construction Ltd according to Companies House is a Dissolved Company of a Bulgarian guy called Mr Nayden Angelov and the voluntary strike-off was back in late 2016?

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