Police investigate report of pile of dead animals and man acting suspiciously in Ramsgate park

King George VI Park

Kent Police officers are investigating reports that a man set off ‘explosions’ in a Ramsgate park at the weekend with witnesses saying they then found a pile of dead baby animals at the site after he left.

A witness, who reported the incident to police, says she was in King George VI Park on Saturday morning when she heard five explosions that sounded like banger fireworks.

She added: “All the birds in the trees squawked and scattered. As I walked the park there were a couple of women who were walking their dogs and said that they had just seen a man acting really suspiciously just after the bangs went off.

“He was dressed in a green fleece they said and had Crocs on his feet and scraggly brown hair. He was quickly gathering the fireworks , or whatever it was, from the grass and ran off into the wooded area.

“When the women went to look they saw numerous dead baby animals. Some that looked newborn that may have still been inside the remains of a killed pregnant rabbit or similar. The remains of the other animals were scattered around.

“As they had already done one circuit of the park the women knew these animals hadn’t been there when they walked the first time.

We all went to Alison’s Cafe and asked if they had a specific number that the park called in any emergency cases. She was very helpful and took our phone numbers to pass to the police.

“This man needs to be caught. This is absolute animal cruelty and it also worries me that he (may have) more of these little creatures at home that he is abusing.”

A Kent Police spokesperson confirmed the incident had been reported.

They said: “Kent Police received a report that a man had been seen acting suspiciously with fireworks before leaving the area in King George VI Memorial Park, Ramsgate, at around 11.30am on Saturday 28 October.

“Witnesses also reported that a collection of dead animals were found in the park around the same time.

“Local officers are aware and are making further enquiries to establish the circumstances.”


  1. Let’s hope they catch this scum. Anyone who can hurt an animal in this way does not deserve to be breathing.

      • Tree hi yes I can if you mean the man in the green fleece who was seen in the area picking something up but known what and ran away from 3 women, if you mean him then he is guilty of nothing yet as no proof he has done anything wrong yet.

    • As bad as the 20 plus read to lynch the man In a green fleece for something he may – may not have done everyone now days is ready to say a person is guilty well he is not guilty to proven beyond reasonable doubt, he at the moment is only guilty of being in the area when explosions where heard near to where dead baby animals were found and of course he iis guilty of picking something up from the grass they don’t know what it was he was not seen with dead animals just because he is dressed in a green fleeze and ran of when he saw the women he maybe a loner or actually frightened by the the women he may also be a child in an adults body one who hasn’t grown up and as a illness /syndrome who are we to judge let the police do there work before hanging an innocent person my daughter works with people who have learning disabilities and can act strangely but would never hurt a creature whatever it was from a fly to a elephant, I’m not saying it’s not the man in a green fleece I’m saying that there is no evidence that points to him directly even the women assume it’s fireworks he’s picking up there not sure they think it was fireworks /bangers that went off, they heard explosions, could have been bird scarers could have been a gun they heard but didn’t see it, this is it nobody has seen anything actually but dead animals in the wood, now I will supposition something, what if the ladies walking the dogs would they be walking the dogs in the woods or be like most people use the pathways around the wooded part or in the wood itself, I would think that it would be the pathways around the woods then if as way it’s worded the first they would see the dead animals is in the woods following the mani a green fleeze, Concerned I know you have not said its the man in park, but who has harmed the dead animals they may have been still born agreed it’s not nice for dead animals to be dumped like they have but if still born they would not have been harmed that concerned and 20 plus have said someone has done, someone or something (animal) has left/dumped them there, let the police do there work and try to prove if it was a human or a animal who left the dead animals.

        • Hi ewan that is open to how bad or really how far someone is prepared to take it nowadays I feel anything is possible, but I was thinking more on the lines of they are blaming someone nobody saw do anything but pick something up what they don’t know and do things that should not be really printed 1/they are disgusting and 2/Kathy would not let me post them. But Ewan thanks for your reply appreciated.

  2. Animal cruelty is a precursor to human cruelty for psychopaths. A psychopath does not empathise and cruelty to animals excites them and enables them to move on to bigger targets. Is this a Halloween ‘prank’ or a practising psychopath.

    • Thanetian Blind I have a mobile phone it has never had a camera. Not everyone has a camera on there phone as not all wish or can afford one of them, or come to that want a phone with a camera. But if I did have I would have taken 4 or 5 for the police and 1 for my collection also incase they loose the others but not for publication as this would be in violation of publication laws I believe, and another reason Kathy would not allow my post on here.

    • Dai Thomas or Dai laughing sorry could not resist it.

      If my hair is straggly or I have a green fleece that would be telling you and made me laugh Dai. But I’m not him as I have a cast iron alibi which I’m not at liberty to divulge. Nice of you to think of me though.

  3. This sounds like it was someone letting off Fireworks, which I would like to see banned! The 5th November every year is to commemorate the death of Catholics nationally, after a failed attempt to blow up parliament! So, why isn’t this practice banned, if you think about it, the bonfires are where many Catholics were burned at the stake!

    • It’s not commemorating the death of (Roman) Catholics, it’s commemorating the fact that parliament survived the attack.

      • I don’t think it’s all that important in 2023 … but Bonfire Night is traditionally a celebration of the execution of Guido Fawkes and his fellow Catholic plotters. Otherwise nobody would sit his effigy atop the fire!

        • It’s not. It’s a celebration of parliament surviving the terrorist attack. Placing an effigy of a wrong-doer on a bonfire was, and still is, traditional English mockery. Fawkes was hanged, not burned.

    • The RSPCA are a charity, and are not publicly accountable, they are not a branch of the police, and so have no more powers of arrest than any other member of the public, I speak as a former RSPCA Trustee!

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