Geography field trip for Northdown Primary School pupils

Field trip for Northdown pupils

Year 6 pupils at Northdown Primary School,  Margate, have headed to London to carry out some field work on the banks of the River Thames.

As part of their topic on Raging Rivers, they explored the foreshore of London’s famous river to see what they could find.

With careful observation, the youngsters found pieces of pottery, bones and driftwood, which they then examined to see if they could work out which historical era they came from to put together a history of the river.

Rhiannon Hiscock, Geography Lead, talked about the impact of the day: “The children were intrigued by the objects they found and how a river could tell the story of the evolution of the city from an early settlement to a modern day bustling city.”

As well as delving into the history of London, the youngsters tested out the flow of the river by examining the direction of the tide and its behaviour. They then built on what they had learnt on their return to school.

The trip was funded by the school as part of its commitment to enriching the learning experiences of all pupils.

Headteacher Matthew Harris said, “It is so important for children to get out of the classroom to explore the world around them, especially when it comes to their geography lessons. Spending a day experiencing first-hand the environment of the Thames will help them consolidate the learning taking place in the classroom as well as developing those important fieldwork skills.”